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HappyAddons - weDevs Against COVID-19

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Are you a frontliner in the war against

The whole world must get united against this deadly disease. Millions of our fellow humans are jobless, hungry, and affected directly or indirectly. The situation is like World War III. But, we have our heroes, the frontliners of medical facilities, emergency supplies, and community services. Their lives are on the line.

weDevs Joins the Global Forces against the Pandemic

We are offering all out-support to the nonprofit and humanitarian organizations
that are fighting against this deadly peril. You can avail up to 100% discount on all
our products, if you are one of our heroes from healthcare, research, community
support, or any other fighting nonprofit units.

weDevs Support Policy during this Time

weDevs support and devs teams are full of in-house superheroes. They are under
huge pressure but they will provide you support 24/7. Response might be
delayed due to the extremely big number of support tickets though. Your
patience is greatly appreciated.

We Are Not Taking Any Request for Now