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The History Of

HappyAddons started its journey in 2019 with a vision of making web development easier. And it is doing so from the very beginning by empowering the Elementor Page Builder. Let’s get to know the history of HappyAddons below.
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Bringing Imagination into Reality

Bringing a unique set of Widgets and Problem-solving features for Elementor users has always been the aim of weDevs and HappyMonster.

Our origin story is interesting. The HappyAddons project is the brainchild of the team HappyMonster – a super-talented group of engineers, thinkers, and artists. Their work was primarily based on developing page builders and providing customer support for web development.

As the market for Elementor was semi-saturated, they created their niche with their experience in Engineering, R&D, and Design sectors.

But only developing is not enough to grow a business; marketing and technical support also play a vital role. Since weDevs is experienced in marketing and giving technical support on a massive scale, Team HappyMonster partnered with weDevs before launching the premium version of HappyAddons.

HappyAddons Keeps Growing

We are the pioneer of creating features like Cross-Domain Copy paste, design presets, unlimited nested sections, image masking, live copying facility from our demo website to anyone’s site, floating effects, CSS transforms, Text Stroke, line icons, and more.


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Why Our Users
Love Us

300k+ users are now actively using HappyAddons. Check our users’ reviews to see how much they love us.

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The Future of

We always try to think one step ahead to make our own solutions for Elementor to help web developers worldwide. Also, since Elementor continuously updates its code base to improve its plugin, we are also keeping ourselves up-to-date to make HappyAddons compatible with the latest version of Elementor.

We will not stop innovating the design experiences for Elementor users. But it won’t be possible without your support and care. You can support us in many ways. If you have ideas or any blockers in your way of web designing, feel free to share them with us. We will try our best to make it possible.