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You can add tooltips to any elements of your Elementor website with the HappyAddons Elementor advanced tooltip feature. Add images, GIFs, Background images to your Elementor tooltips with the help of the Happy Elementor Advance Tooltip feature.

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Advanced Elementor Tooltip

If you are looking to add tooltips for your web content, you can try our Advanced Elementor tooltip feature. You can add literally any website element (even images, gifs) to your tooltips. A vast level of customization is available in our Happy Advanced Elementor tooltip. Interestingly, you will get all of these Elementor tooltip features in HappyAddons Free.
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What You Will Get in The Advanced Elementor Tooltip

Within the HappyAddons Advanced Elementor tooltip feature, you can do all the basic level customization like changing the color, size of the tooltip, the position of the tooltip, etc. In addition, you can create image tooltips which means you have the freedom to add images to your tooltips. Also, you can set different types of entrance animations for your tooltips. On top of that, you have the freedom to add a tooltip to any Elementor widgets or elements of your Elementor site. And HappyAddons Elementor Tooltip is the most lightweight tooltip because we are not using any third-party tooltip library to manage it. We have built a lightweight tooltip library for the Happy Advanced Elementor tooltip. For that reason, our tooltip will not be the barrier of your site’s speed.

Why You Need The Advanced Elementor Tooltip

Sometimes it gets difficult for us to describe all the information within a limited space or with limited texts, images, etc. In those cases, we have an urge to elaborate the content slightly. Unfortunately, we find no scope to add more text or illustrations to that particular section due to the design pattern or other limitations. To overcome all of the absurd conditions, you can use the HappyAddons Advanced Elementor Tooltip feature. It’s absolutely free.
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The Crazy Movie

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Mind Blowing Song

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Exciting Games

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Multi Directional Tooltips



Good Ratings


Tooltip Trigger Option

You can trigger the tooltip using hover or click.

Hover Trigger



Click Trigger



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Tooltip Image

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