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Are you bored with the typical shape dividers of Elementor? Want to give your website a special look? Get HappyAddons Free and activate it to unlock the plenty of new Shape Dividers within Elementor.

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Shape Divider

Shape divider is a modern graphic shape that you can use as a separator between sections on your page. You can use it as a design element and put it on the top or bottom part of your Elementor Backgrounds.
HappyAddons Shape Divider For Elementor
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Why you need Custom Shape Divider?

Elementor Page Builder comes with a set of Shape Dividers. Now 5 million sites are actively using Elementor Website Builder. Unfortunately, the shape divider collections are still the same. We feel there is a need for more shape dividers to give stunning shapes in the sections’ backgrounds of Elementor. And from that point of view, we have added 15+ new shape dividers within the Elementor Shape Divider feature. From now, you will get a new set of Shape dividers if you enable our HappyAddons Free Version.

Happy Divider

droplet1 scaled
abstract scaled 2
splash1 scaled
cross line scaled
splash2 scaled
frame scaled
multi cloud scaled
flame1 scaled
torn paper scaled2
multi wave scaled
sports1 scaled
underwater scaled
desert scaled
landscape scaled

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