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Reorder your columns for responsive design as you see fit. This feature will let you tweak your website just to your liking.

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Column Order

Currently, on Elementor Page Builder we don’t have enough control over managing the column order on mobile responsive mood. If you have plenty of columns on your page then you need this feature. You can manage the order of every column as per your needs.

While editing a page or post and click on the responsive mode and select the mobile view. Then edit the column option. You will get a new option: Column Order under the Happy Feature option. Now give the number on the box according to the desired order. The default number is always 0.
Custom Column Order for Elementor
column width

Custom Column Width

In Elementor Page Builder we can manage column width ratio with percentage parameter. Sometimes we need to add some pixel-perfect ratio to make lucrative designs. With this feature, you can do that easily.

While editing the column you will get a new Happy Feature option. In that section, you will find an option: Custom Column Width. Add the pixel number on the first column. Then in the second column, you can add the rest of the pixel number. Or if you want to add a percentage ration on the second column then you have to add the bellow equation:

= calc(100%-previously used pixel number)

Example: calc(100%-400px)

Learn more about pixel calculation from here.

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