Equal Height

Spending a lot of time in adjusting equal height in your design? Don’t worry from now HappyAddons Equal Height Feature will help you to manage it easily.

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What is Equal Height?

Sometimes you will be needed to set an equal height of your content in a desktop view as well as in tablet mood. But it’s too difficult to set equal height in widgets within Elementor. Our HappyAddons Equal Height Feature now solves the issue easily. You can now set equally same height widgets in your sections without any hassle.
equal height 1
equal height setting

Why you need this feature?

Unequal designs look odd in some aspects. If you add different length text on your section then you can’t set them equally the same height. It’s really very tough to do in Elementor. But from now on you can do it easily with the help of HappyAddons Equal Height feature.

Without Equal Height

equal height without scaled

With Equal Height

equal height with scaled

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