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Best Booking Plugin for Elementor and WordPress

10+ Best Booking Plugins for Elementor and WordPress

The rise of online booking has created promising business opportunities for various industries. For example, the online travel and online food booking industries’ market sizes are currently over $519 and $220 billion, respectively.

This booking trend has also spread to other industries like healthcare, restaurants, and salons. There are tons of booking plugins online by which you can seamlessly create booking sites on WordPress overnight with the power of Elementor.

If you are looking for WordPress booking plugins having integrations with Elementor, this article will cover you. We’ll introduce you to some of the best booking plugins for Elementor and WordPress in this post so you can choose the best one for your website. Get started!

What is a Booking Plugin?

A booking plugin enables the capabilities of a website to accept and manage appointments, reservations, and bookings online. It provides a user-friendly interface with visitors so they can select times, dates, and services for scheduling appointments.

As an admin, you can set up booking rules, notice periods, and cancellation policies from the backend. Some booking plugins include additional features like customizable booking forms, payment processing, automated notifications, and email marketing integrations.

Things You Must Look Into a Booking Plugin

You’ll find dozens of booking plugins having integrations with Elementor. But not all of them may be equally perfect. There are some mandatory features and elements that must be present in a booking plugin to create an ideal booking site.

We’ve listed them in the bullet points below. Give a skim through.

  • A powerful admin panel with an intuitive interface
  • Calendar availability to display which dates and times are open for bookings
  • Payment integrations to allow customers to make their payments
  • Flexible booking rules, including notice time and cancellation policies
  • Multi-language support to cover people from different nationalities
  • Integration with page builders like Elementor
  • Mobile responsiveness and customizable styling
  • Automated email notifications and booking reminder
  • Supports and updates in case of any need

Best Booking Plugins for Elementor

This section will discuss some of the most popular and best booking plugins for Elementor and WordPress. We’ll highlight their key features, pricing, and some other essential aspects so you can effectively decide on a suitable plugin. Take a quick snapshot of them.

PluginSales or Active InstallationRatings
Simply Schedule Appointments20,000+5.00
Appointment Hour Booking20,000+4.90
WP Timetics1,000+3.5
Webba Booking2,000+5.00
Salon Booking1,100+4.33

Get into their details in the following discussion.

1. Amelia

Amelia Booking Plugin

Amelia is an excellent WordPress booking plugin designed to offer you an enterprise-level booking experience. It includes a good collection of features and toolkits for automatically managing reservations, payments, service scheduling, and locations.

As a result, you don’t have to spend too much time behind phone calls, emails, and chats to receive and confirm reservations. Its intelligent booking system syncs with the popular calendar platform, consolidating all appointments into one centralized hub.

You can set automated reminders and notifications so both the customers and service providers don’t miss out on their upcoming appointments. Beyond the booking system, Amelia contains robust analytics that deliver advanced reports with valuable insights into your business.

Key features of the Amelia plugin

  • Offers several demo content to prepare your site quickly
  • Automated email and SMS notifications
  • Easy to manage multiple locations and employees
  • Let you create custom fields for the booking form
  • Allows to add discounts and coupons for marketing purposes
  • Integrations with WooCommerce, Elementor, Zoom, Google Meet, and more
  • Customizable service scheduling by hours, breaks, and individual team members
  • Supports PayPal, Stripe, and Mobile Payment gateways

Price of the Amelia plugin

Amelia has a free version available on Its premium version starts from $79/year with a 15-day refund policy.

2. Bookly

Bookly WordPress booking plugin

Bookly is another feature-rich WordPress booking plugin for Elementor. This plugin lets you find almost everything you need to create a fully functional booking website. Bookly is a perfect solution for all types of businesses, like restaurants, clinics, spas, fitness, rental services, law firms, and more.

Bookly offers you top-tier flexibility in service management. You can easily customize service durations, ability, capacity, and pricing. You can tailor your services to the customer according to your skill sets, team members, and requirements.

You’ll get several demo content with the plugin, so you get a starting point to prepare your booking site from scratch. It helps you implement sleek UI design, choose wonderful color schemes, switch between currencies, and set flexible scheduling options.

Key features of the Bookly plugin

  • Comprehensive admin area with a user-friendly interface
  • Intuitively manageable and customizable booking forms
  • Ability to create unlimited booking forms
  • Allows you to switch between 50+ currencies
  • Supports 17+ payment gateways
  • Easy to set automated notifications and reminders
  • Integration with WooCommerce lets you sell products and services
  • Let you sync staff schedules with the calendar

Price of the Bookly plugin

Bookly has a free version available on Its premium version charges $89/lifetime. It has no other premium plan available.

Check out how to create a travel website.

3. Simply Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointments Booking Plugin

Simply Schedule Appointments has a beginner-friendly interface and tons of exciting features so you can offer different booking services effortlessly. It simplifies the process for clients and customers to book products or services based on their preferred days and hours.

Integration with Elementor lets you customize its booking calendar with custom fonts, color, alignment, padding, and CSS. The plugin also includes some built-in features to customize its booking form with color and custom fields so you can match it to your business branding.

Simply Schedule Appointments has integrations with several popular payment gateways. This empowers customers to complete payments using their desired payment systems.

Key features of the Simply Schedule Appointments plugin

  • Advanced customization features custom fields and stylizations
  • Easy to sync with Google Calendar
  • Integrations with all the popular page builders
  • One-click to reach customer support
  • Let you display your availability by day, time, and other factors
  • Sends time-triggered notifications
  • Multiple bookings in the same time slot
  • Conversion tracking system helps understand your booking funnel

Price of the Simply Schedule Appointments plugin

Simply Schedule Appointments has a free version available on Its premium version starts from $99/year with a 30-day refund policy.

4. Appointment Hour Booking

Appointment Hour Booking

Appointment Hour Booking is an easy-to-use booking plugin for Elementor and WordPress. You can create unlimited forms for booking appointments with the plugin. Plus, you can showcase how long you’ll be available for particular services on given days.

This will allow customers to book an appointment with you anytime they choose from your available list. The plugin also helps you create multiple booking forms for different services. You can specify from the backend how many people can book you at once and how much you charge for each service.

You can optionally link the booking form to payment processing. The Appointment Hour Booking plugin has integrations with lots of payment gateways. So you can easily link the payment gateway your customers desire.

Key features of the Appointment Hour Booking plugin

  • Built-in calendar lets you show working days, dates, hours, holidays, and special dates
  • Allows to define multiple services with their own prices and durations
  • Automatically manages available time to prevent double-booking
  • Set up email notifications for users and administrators
  • Generates CSV reports for appointments and bookings both manually and automatically
  • Integrations with WooCommerce, Zoom, MailChimp, SalesForce, and more
  • A dedicated admin dashboard to manage services, settings, and appointments
  • Offers detailed how-to documentation

Price of the Appointment Hour Booking plugin

Appointment Hour Booking has a free version available on Its premium version starts from $6.99/month with a conditional refund policy.

5. Booked

Booked Appointment Booking for WordPress

Booked is one of the most popular premium booking plugins for WordPress. It offers an intuitive design to clients and customers to simplify the booking process with just a few clicks. The plugin includes a calendar that responsively works on all devices.

Customers can use the calendar to book services on particular days. You can create multiple calendars with custom fields, like text, paragraph, dropdown, checkbox, and button fields. Once the calendar is ready with the necessary fields, you can display it as a widget or a shortcode in Elementor.

Customers can create profiles with their own photos. This will allow them to check the pending and approved appointments from their profiles.

Key features of the Booked plugin

  • A powerful backend interface to manage bookings and appointments
  • Unlimited color customization and easy-to-change calendar color
  • Custom time slots for defining vacation and closed times
  • Add to Google Calendar buttons for customers
  • Payment and checkout processing with WooCommerce
  • Customized notification emails sent to admins and users
  • Integrates with Google Calendar, iCalendar, and Outlook

Price of the Booked plugin

Booked doesn’t have a free version available. It charges $29 for a regular license. This license offers you six-month support from the developer.

6. WP Timetics

WP Timetics Booking Plugin

WP Timetics is a powerful WordPress booking plugin that empowers you to effortlessly create and manage online schedules with unlimited appointments. Geared towards coaches, consultants, mentors, teachers, and more, WP Timetics is a unique plugin designed to make creating schedules hassle-free.

Its seamless shortcode feature allows easy addition of schedules to any page, providing flexibility. It is also a lot easier to collect business data such as of staff members and service customers.

If utilized properly, WP Timetics will allow your business to grow further by making it more efficient and reducing the chances of errors. The plugin can set up an unlimited number of seat maps and helps to book those high-end meetings in seconds, turning your scheduling into a competitive advantage.

Key features of the WP Timetics plugin

  • Create unlimited meetings with multiple meeting types
  • Create multiple pricing tiers for tickets for your customers
  • Benefits of auto timezone detection with location choice preference (virtual or in-person)
  • Multiple payment methods with PayPal and Stripe integrations
  • Conduct virtual meetings with Google Meet and Zoom integrations
  • Automate your business operations with Pabbly and Zappier Integration
  • Keep track of meetings and bookings through Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Send email notifications for booking confirmation, cancellations, and reschedules

Price of the WP Timetics plugin

WP Timetics has a Basic plan that starts at $79/year for 1 site with a 15-Days money-back guarantee.

7. Booknetic

Booknetic - WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointment Scheduling

Booknetic is another great premium plugin for creating a booking site with WordPress. It can help you create a diverse range of booking sites and handle bookings, encounters, payments, notifications, and sales from one single page.

Its intuitive user interface (UI) allows customers to book and schedule their appointments via desktops and mobile phones. The power admin panel and detailed reporting system will keep you on top. You can check the revenue streams, explore customer feeds, and evaluate employee performance.

The Booknetic plugin is perfect for law firms, spa salons, rental businesses, hair salons, and gyms. Integrations with payment gateways can simplify the payment processing system.

Key features of the Booknetic plugin

  • Able to create custom booking forms
  • Sends reminder emails to customers
  • Multi-booking lets customers book multiple services in one session
  • Integrations with PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Square, Razorpay, and more
  • The Coupon system helps you get more bookings from customers
  • Allows you to offer multi-location services
  • Have multi-language and RLT support

Price of the Booknetic plugin

Booknetic doesn’t have a free plugin. It charges $79 for a regular license. The regular license offers six-month support from developers.

8. BookingPress

BookingPress – Appointment Booking Plugin

BookingPress is a freemium booking plugin for Elementor and WordPress. Although it is relatively new, it won the TemplateMonster Award 2022. This means the plugin has huge potential and a promising future. It can help you create a full-fledged booking site, meeting most of your desired requirements.

BookingPress is a good solution for beauty & salons, fitness & gym, health care, dental clinics, educational coaching, spa businesses, yoga classes, rental stores, etc. The plugin includes feature-rich toolsets to create customized booking forms and color schemes to uphold your brand identity.

Automatic notifications and reminders can be sent to workers and customers through emails, SMS, and WhatsApp. You may enable each of them or particular ones.

Key features of the BookingPress plugin

  • Handy admin tools for managing clients, payments, and appointments
  • Allows customers to book viewing the calendar
  • Fully tunable booking form wizard
  • Supports both Gutenberg and Elementor
  • Works seamlessly with 15+ payment gateways
  • Integrations with Zapier, Google Meet, Zoom, Outlook, and WooCommerce

Price of the BookingPress plugin

BookingPress has a free version available on Its premium version starts from $99/year with a 14-day refund policy.

9. LatePoint

LatePoint - Appointment Booking & Reservation plugin for WordPress

LatePoint is a feature-rich premium booking plugin for Elementor available in CodeCanyon. You will find many amazing features in this plugin to help your website stand out. Its setup wizard will let you configure your website comparatively faster time.

The setup wizard will allow you to create agents, add services, and set working hours. Once everything is ready, you can publish the entire board to any web page using a shortcode button. LatePoint has a clean admin dashboard where you can easily monitor reports and admin performances.

Key features of the LatePoint plugin

  • Integration with Google Calendar lets you manage all appointments in one place
  • Automatically creates Zoom meetings for booked appointments
  • Supports various payment systems without depending on WooCommerce
  • Offers a robust agent personal dashboard
  • A built-in chat box facilitates you to chat with customers
  • People can log in with their social networks

Price of the LatePoint plugin

LatePoint doesn’t have a free version available. It charges $129 for a regular license. The regular license provides you with six-month support from developers.

10. Webba Booking

Webba Booking- Appointment & Event Booking Calendar Plugin

Our next hand-picked plugin is Webba Booking. The plugin authorizes you to create a responsive calendar and booking form to allow customers to make group and multiple bookings in one session. Advanced customization is its standout feature.

Webba Booking comes with 79+ design presents and 80+ customization options. As a result, you can set your desired layout and appearance for the booking forms and calendar. Its extended functionalities are something more you are bound to love.

Key features of the Webba Booking plugin

  • Flexible scheduling empowers you to show unlimited offers with business hours
  • Responsiveness lets customers book appointments from any device
  • Automated email and SMS notifications send reminders
  • Supports with 100 payment gateways
  • Integration with Google Calendar, Zoom, WooCommerce, and more
  • Generates invoices and calculates tax automatically

Price of the Webba Booking plugin

Webba Booking has a free version available on Its premium version starts from $89/year with a 30-day refund policy.

11. Salon Booking

Salon Booking WordPress Plugin

Salon Booking plugin is highly suitable for shops like beauty centers, gents’ parlors, salons, hairdressers, and similar types of businesses. You can set up advanced booking rules, define holidays, and list block-out hours for your website with the plugin.

This greatly reduces the chances of booking your services on the wrong day. Even after that, if any customer books your short or service in the wrong slot, you can easily cancel it from the backend reservation system and ask customers to reschedule it through email.

Key features of the Salon Booking plugin

  • Automated reminders are sent through emails and other mediums like mobile phones, Twilio, Plivo, and 1p1sms
  • Integration with Google Calendar helps you view all reservations from one place
  • Works with multiple payment gateways
  • A personal account page for all individual works
  • An advanced discount system encourages more customers to book appointments
  • Easy to create a catalog for assistants

Price of the Salon Booking plugin

Salon Booking doesn’t have a free plugin. It charges $69/year for a regular license. The regular license offers six months of support from developers.

12. JetAppointment

JetAppointment Booking Plugin

Although we have covered the JetAppointment plugin at the end of this listicle article, it doesn’t mean that the plugin lacks quality features or functionalities. Actually, this one is also a heavy feature-packed plugin for creating a standalone booking site on WordPress with Elementor.

It offers several custom templates, appointment layouts, and custom field types so you can create amazing booking forms. You can configure a robust calendar defining your working days and hours so customers can book you wisely.

Key features of the JetAppointment plugin

  • Configure working days, hours, and days off on the visual calendar
  • Arrange buffer time and set prices according to different slots
  • Appointments create Zoom meeting links automatically
  • Comes with a clean dashboard to manage appointments
  • Seamlessly works with many payment gateways

Price of the JetAppointment plugin

JetAppointment doesn’t have a free version available. It charges $19/year with a 30-day refund policy.

FAQ on Best Booking Plugins for Elementor and WordPress

FAQ on Best Booking Plugins for Elementor and WordPress

So far, you have learned the key features and functionalities of the best booking plugins for Elementor and WordPress. Now, we’ll answer some questions commonly found on Facebook, Quora, Reddit, and else around booking plugins. Keep reading!

  • How can I create a booking functionality with Eelementor?

    You cannot directly create a booking functionality with Elementor. You must have a booking plugin installed that has an integration with Elementor. This integration will create a widget in the Elementor panel, which you can drag and drop on your canvas and customize afterward.

  • How to promote a booking website?

    1. Write and publish valuable SEO-optimized content to rank on search engines
    2. List your website and services on directory websites
    3. Collaborate with social influencers
    4. Offer special discounts and coupons on special occasions
    5. Leverage the loyalty card system to retain regular customers
    6. Harness the power of email marketing

  • What are the best online booking systems for small businesses?

    WordPress can be a go-to solution for small businesses to kick off online booking businesses. It has tons of super-exciting plugins, both free and pro, to get ready booking websites overnight. Below are some top-rated WordPress booking plugins/systems for small businesses.

    1. Amelia
    2. Bookly
    3. Simply Schedule Appointments
    4. Appointment Hour Booking
    5. Booked

  • What are the major challenges of the online booking business?

    1. Managing multiple booking services from one platform
    2. Slot management during the rush period
    3. Solving technical glitches whenever they occur
    4. Navigating the time zone differences
    5. Handling pricing and discounts

  • Which booking businesses are currently the most profitable?

    1. Hotel booking
    2. Flight booking
    3. Motel booking
    4. Car/equipment booking
    5. Restaurant/center booking
    6. Spa and salon booking

Final Words on WordPress Booking Plugins!

WordPress is definitely an effective medium for creating an ideal booking website at the lowest possible costs. You will never find the same amount of flexibility on other platforms as you’ll get on WordPress. You may need several other plugins and extensions to enhance your site’s user experience.

For example, you will need other plugins like security, CRM, social share, and backup plugins. If you want to know more details about these, let us know through the comment box. We will quickly provide you with the necessary resources.

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