Best WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For 2022

Best WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2022

Celebrate the biggest sale of the year 2022 starting this October. WordPress community is bringing you the best deals in the plugin, themes, hosting, and domains. Here we have listed out the best WordPress Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday discount 2022 for you.

October ends with one of the biggest celebrations in the world, ‘Halloween’. The celebration doesn’t end there.

After Halloween, here comes Black Friday! on the 25th of November.

Black Friday has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States since 2005. There is more. The 28th of November, 2022 is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, which is ‘Cyber Monday’.

Thousands of offers for the WordPress community are circling around the web for you to grab in these festive seasons. Like, every year we are going to list all the best deals of 2022 that the WordPress community is bringing to you this season.

WordPress Community & The Celebration

When it comes to celebrating, the WordPress community is never behind. They celebrate by giving the best deals for their plugins, themes, hosting, and domains.

Halloween is on the 31st of October this year. It is the celebration of the dead mingling with the living ones. But, it is not about dead souls and ghosts. It is about trick and treating. And the WordPress community will be in for a treat this year.

That treat will go on until the end of this year. With Black Friday on November 25 and Cyber Monday on November 28, the WordPress community will be flooded with deals.

If you are looking for the best deals, you have come to the right place. We are going to list you the hottest WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts for the WordPress community and enthusiasts.

What Happy Elementor Addons is Offering This Year

BFCM deals 2022 for HappyAddons

This Elementor Addons became popular due to its unique collection of widgets and handy features. It comes with 110+ widgets, 25+ features, and 500+ readymade templates. The new addition will come soon (Happy theme builder, remote carousel, and more).

WPENTIRE, Elementor360, and WPCrafter all have recognized Happy Addons as one of the best Elementor Addons.

With festivals like Halloween and celebrations like Black Friday, Cyber Monday approaching, we are offering up to 50% discount to our users. So, you can enjoy the beautiful experience of using our premium widgets when creating their websites.

Get a discount on all the premium plans of HappyAddons this festive season.

Discount Amount: Up to 50%

Coupon: No coupon is required

Deal Validity:  21st Nov 2022 to 06th Dec 2022

WordPress Black Friday Discounts From weDevs

weDevs Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

Like the previous year, weDevs also share their  Black Friday deals this year. You can find the deals in the below segment.

Dokan – Up to 45% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Plugin

This WooCommerce-based multi-vendor plugin offers 38+ modules and 36+ features to equip your eCommerce site for its maximum potential. With almost 70,000 active installations and 4.6 star rating, this is the ultimate eCommerce plugin for you.

If you are looking to establish and grow your multi-vendor business, then Dokan has all the solutions you need.

Get a discount on Dokan and empower your business. Grab it before the deal expires.

Discount Amount: Up to 45%

Coupon: No coupon is required

Offer Validity: 22nd Nov 2022 to 06th Dec 2022

WP ERP – Up to 40% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for WP EPR

WP ERP is a revolutionary ERP solution developed by weDevs. This awesome plugin comes with built-in HRM, CRM, and Accounting solutions to manage every detail of a business from a single dashboard. WP ERP has more than 23+ extensions, and you can choose which extensions to use based on your business needs.

More than 10,000+ businesses use WP ERP, and with up to a 40% discount on this BFCM, you can be a part of the WP ERP community. The plugin has a family of components to extend functionality according to company needs, thus making it a complete enterprise resource planning solution.

In this festive season get a discount on all the extensions of WordPress ERP.

Discount Amount: Up to 40%

Coupon: No coupon is required

Deal Validity: 22nd Nov 2022 to 06th Dec 2022

WP Project Manager – Up to 45% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for WP Project Manager

This awesome plugin comes with a complete project management solution. You can easily create, organize, assign tasks and manage projects faster than ever with WP Project Manager. Also, many useful features, powerful addons, and premium models will help you manage work and deliver projects on time. 

In this festive season, you can avail of discounts on different plans. It’s a great opportunity to start a new era in your business or company. 

Discount Amount: Up to 45% OFF

Coupon: No coupon is required

Offer Validity: 22nd Nov 2022 to 06th Dec 2022

WP User Frontend – Up to 45% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend enables multiple functionalities on your website like guest posting, subscription-based content submission, profile & directory building, and more with minimal effort. Plus, menu & content restriction, registration & contact forms with custom post types support, custom login – all these features have made it the most desired frontend solution among 30,000+ users worldwide.

This Black Friday, they are offering a discount. The blog owners can grab it as a suitable plugin for blogging.

Discount Amount: Up to 45%

Coupon: No coupon is required

Offer Validity: 22nd Nov 2022 to 06th Dec 2022

wePOS – Flat 50% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for wePOS

Your one-stop, efficient, point-of-sales tool with customizable features tracks and manages your WooCommerce store’s inventory, processes orders automatically, and organizes order information in real-time. wePOS comes with data-driven insights on sales performance, store-wise product information, target sales, merchandise costs and more.

Basically, it is a single-page application that works super fast. Your work on WooCommerce can be done quickly by using WooCommerce REST API and some custom API in this WordPress plugin. At half the original price, this is the moment to get wePOS and have your inventories managed for you.

Celebrate your  Black Friday event with more joyous by availing discounts on wePOS. 

Discount Amount: Flat 50%

Coupon: No coupon is required

Offer Validity: 22nd Nov 2022 to 06th Dec 2022

weMail – Flat 40% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for weMail

This amazing plugin has many powerful features to enhance your email marketing workflows. weMail is a complete email marketing solution for your WordPress site that comes with 100+ premade professional-looking templates, handy automation features, high-quality opt-in forms, powerful analytics, and many more.

To be in a win-win situation, grab the discount on this email marketing WordPress Plugin this Black Friday.

Discount Amount: Flat 40% OFF

Coupon: No coupon is required

Offer Validity: 22nd Nov 2022 to 06th Dec 2022

Appsero – Flat 45% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for Appsero

Appsero is a powerful WordPress analytics, licensing, and deployment tool. This awesome product is made for WordPress developers to ease their plugin management-related tasks. With Appsero, you can generate and check licenses, automatically deploy new updates for your plugin, and get insights over your plugin’s usage, active installs, deactivations & other useful insights from a single dashboard.

In this celebration month of November, you can avail the Appsero discount.

Discount Amount: Flat 45%

Coupon: No coupon is required

Deal Validity: 22nd Nov 2022 to 06th Dec 2022

Eazy Plugin Manager – Up to 55% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for Eazy Plugin Manager

Eazy Plugin Manager comes with a good number of features to help WordPress administrators who want full control over their plugins. You can boost your site using robust features like Asset optimization, Plugin vulnerability report and notifications, Plugin vault( save your plugins in secure storage), Token-based logins for the clients (perfect for agencies!),  One-click bulk installation of bookmarked plugins, Freeze plugins, lock plugins, block plugins and many more. 

Here is the bargain for Eazy Plugin Manager:

Discount Amount: Up to 55% OFF

Coupon: No coupon is required

Offer Validity: 20th Nov 2022 to 30th Nov 2022

Tutor LMS – 50% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for Themeum Plugin

Tutor LMS is an advanced WordPress LMS plugin to create full-fledged eLearning websites with content drip, live classes, advanced quizzes, and many add-ons & integrations.

Discount Amount: 50% off


Offer Validity: 22nd Nov 2022 to 05th Dec 2022

WP Manage Ninja – Up to 40% off

BFCM Deal 2022 for WP Manage Ninja

WPManageNinja is offering up to 40% discount on all of its premium WordPress plugins and themes this Black Friday-Cyber Monday sales season. The deal includes their top-rated products:

  • Fluent Forms – The fastest form builder plugin
  • FluentCRM – The complete email marketing automation plugin for WordPress
  • Ninja Tables – The most popular WordPress table plugin
  • WP Social Ninja – The best social reviews, feed, and chat plugin

Discount Amount: Up to 40% off

Coupon Code: Auto Applied

Offer Validity: 15th November to 02nd December

Retainful – 30% Off

BFCM Deal 2022 for Retenful

Retainful is an all-in-one Email Marketing Automation & Conversion app for WooCommerce and Shopify stores. Automate all your email marketing needs – recover abandoned carts, send thank you emails, win back inactive customers, launch refer-a-friend campaigns, and more. Get Retainful at 30% OFF this Black Friday.

Discount Amount: 30% Off

Coupon: BFCM30

Offer Validity: 01st November 2022 to 5th December 2022

Wbcom Designs – 30% Off

Wbcom Designs is one of the Leading WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Agencies. They provide WordPress themes and plugins to build a social media following for your business. Additionally, the team offers development and customization services for LMS, multi-vendor, and social networks based on WordPress.

Discount Offer: 30% off on themes & Plugins

Coupon Code: BFCM30

Date: 24th Nov 2022 to 01st Dec 2022

BuddyX Theme – 30% Off

BuddyX by Wbcom Design is the most responsive WordPress social network theme, similar to Facebook. Most efficient BuddyPress and BuddyBoss WordPress themes for building community, membership, social learning, or social marketplace websites.

Discount Offer: 30% Off

Coupon Code: BFCM30

Date: 24th November of 1st December

Analyze & Choose the Best WordPress Black Friday Deals

Out of the thousand deals floating on the web, we have picked the best offers for your small-large enterprises that use WordPress. Hopefully, these best WordPress Black Friday deals will help you to grow your business to new heights. Treat yourself to the best WordPress Black Friday deals this year and don’t miss the rest.

Moreover, you can add your valuable thoughts and other useful WordPress Black Friday discounts 2022 in the comments.

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