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weDevs Introducing Enzaime: A Must-have all in One Tool for Doctors

weDevs is always developing its brand image in the WordPress universe with innovative products including satisfactory support. Now they have expanded their technical expertise in the healthcare sector for helping the Doctors.

With this noble thought, weDevs has introduced Enzaime as a technical partner to their community as well as to the WordPress universe. Enzaime is a SaaS-based website solution. It provides all the essential tools that a doctor needs to create his/her own personal website using WordPress.

Let’s explore the amazing features of Enzaime shortly:

Enzaime: The Best Way To Experience Website Building For Doctors

Enzaime landing page

Enzaime is a web solution provider that facilitates doctors with all the features they need to run personal online practices. As a doctor, now you can easily build your website within a few clicks. It lets you build your virtual presence strongly and serve more patients online. With Enzaime, doctors can promote their skills in front of the world through a high-functional website.

Enzaime also has other attractive features like WordPress premium themes, responsive designs, integrated online payment, and appointment facility, maintaining the patient database and more.

Moreover, all of these features are provided by Enzaime at an attractive price for their valuable clients. Besides that, there is a free version. Doctors and developers whoever purchases Enzaime’s website solutions will have access to Happyaddons pro features like Preset, Image Masking, Floating Effect, Unlimited Section Nesting and many more.

Create Custom Built WordPress Website

Building an exclusive website is no less than building a Boeing airplane. You need to build and set all the parts in place and have to ensure it flies with safety. This is where Enzaime comes to rescue all doctors and developers. All you have to do is modify our pre-built websites and deliver them to your clients. 

What Makes Enzaime Different from Others

Enzaime believes in business transparency. We are offering all the customized themes, premium plugins and widgets, drag and drop builder and lot more.

Enzaime is offering the easiest and most effective way to create personal and fully customizable websites for Doctors.


Starting from Basic packages to the person who hasn’t any knowledge about coding. You will find different packages with distinct facilities at incredibly attractive prices.

Highlighted Features of Enzaime

As a doctor, your online presence creates reliable authority. It builds trustworthiness which is the key factor that matters to the patients. Enzaime can help you to do that with its different features. So, let’s check which features will help you to provide an online medical chamber.

WordPress Premium Themes

Enzaime offers the solution to strengthen online reputation with WordPress, the most popular CMS out there. Also, it offers custom-tailored premium themes for doctors’ websites. It adds quality, uniqueness, functionality, security to your existing or new website which leaves you completely tension free.

We have dedicated ourselves to maintain the highest quality possible. All the designs are unique which will cater to the doctor’s particular expertise.


Also, all the websites are SEO friendly which makes sure the website pops up on the first page of the search engines. The must-have functionalities of a doctor are already there. They just need to login and do whatever they require.

However, the moment the site is live the question of security comes. Enzaime ensures that the site remains secure as the websites are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) server which is HIPPA Compliant. In addition to that, we provide security plugins which will keep your site safe away from the hackers.

To ensure the best possible service Enzaime provides regular updates for the facilities given and stay alert all the time to cater to client’s needs. After all, we are here to give you the best.

Premium Plugins and Widgets

Highly secured Enzaime

To make the whole designing process a lot easier, Enzaime provides some of the industry’s most popular plugins and widgets for its clients. Namely, Bookly, WeForms, HappyAddons Elementor drag, and drop page builder, etc.

Drag & Drop Web Builder

We know that doctors are not familiar with codes. Thus, we have designed our websites in such a way that a person who has not seen or even heard about WordPress before, would not struggle to maintain it. 

To ensure that we have added the Elementor Premium Page Builder software which requires no code at all to use. You just need to drag the functionality or feature you want to add in your website, then drop and voila! It is done! If still, it’s hard for you, we have an excellent 24/7 support team

Responsive Design

Enzaime is all device friendly

Statistics tell us that more than 60% of internet users are mobile internet users. So, having a mobile-friendly website is something a professional cannot do without. Enzaime feels that too. That’s why we have made the websites all device responsive. However, it can be a computer, laptop, mobile, tab, etc. The contents, profile or the whole website will display according to the device, automatically.

Online Appointment

Enzaime wants to create an ecosystem for the doctors where everything can be done virtually which requires the ability of the patients to make appointments online. So, Enzaime has integrated an online appointment system using Bookly premium plugin with all its sites.

Enzaime online appointment

This premium plugin will enable the doctors to keep track of all their appointments. It will in the process which reduces working hours and difficulties. And, it is beneficial for the patients also as it facilitates them to stay in touch with their doctor quickly.

Online Payment

The online appointment might require online payment. With Enzaime, doctors can accept payment through secure channels with numerous payment gateways. It will enable patients to have reliable and hassle-free transactions.

Enzaime wants the security and reliability of our honorable doctors as it uses sophisticated and encrypted data channels to facilitate the whole process.

Enzaime Patients form

In Enzaime patients will fill up a form about their conditions online on the doctor’s website. This will save time significantly during the visit and make the whole process hassle-free. For this purpose, Enzaime integrated the weForms premium.

Content and Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for doctors

In this tech-world you are absent on the web, you are a nobody. It is an obvious thing now. We all admit it and that is why Enzaime provides content and social media marketing on demand for the doctors.

Remember, your name should be on the search engine results page along with what you do and how good you are. There is no other way around it. Not only it recognizes to people who you are but also spread your updates on the internet.  

Final Countdown on Enzaime

Each sector of service is now under the cloud of internet and undoubtedly they are doing super-well. Most of the online service providers haven’t any knowledge of coding. So, an intelligent doctor can manage all the things just by spending some of their valuable time.

Doctors who already have published their website know the importance. But due to insufficient service from the providers, you may not get the required attention you deserve. Enzaime offers Doctors to unite and join forces in the journey to create their websites together. The time and cost-effective websites are just a few clicks away from you.

Enzaime has made all the tasks very easy for you. As we have mentioned before, the 24/7 support team can solve your possible problems instantly. To build an online platform you need to just push yourself toward Enzaime.

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