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SEO: Significant Things You Should Consider

Are your SEO strategies generating enough traffic and increasing your conversion rate? If not, you have the right to worry. But don’t worry too much if you want to get it resolved.

Almost 61% of marketers say that SEO remains their top inbound marketing priority. To achieve sustainable SEO growth, you must keep updating your SEO strategies and learn all the current SEO trends.

Here in this post, I’m going to show you some of the top SEO trends. You should learn and apply them to your website to stay on your game.

Let’s begin.

Why You Should Update Your SEO For the New Age

SEO has a dynamic sense of nature. The word itself is somewhat elusive. It’s always changing.

There are over 1.9 billion websites worldwide. It’s natural for Google or every other search engine to reinvent their algorithm process.

You would wonder hearing that Google made 3200 algorithm changes last year. They let only the best ones place higher in the search results.

For example, the SEO strategies that brought you success last year may fail to generate the same results again. Just rewind your memory, and you can see a lot of top SEO practices like meta keywords, submitting sites to search engines, page sculpting, or PageRank have lost their validity.

The new age demands something more complex and powerful SEO strategies.

The internet is crowded more than ever, and you must make your website luminary. You can’t become an authority in your industry unless you successfully consider the latest SEO trends and keep updating your site.

Well, let’s start reading the latest and top SEO trends you should consider for your websites.

1. Think more about your domain authority

What is domain authority, and how does Google consider your site?

Domain authority specifies the relevance of your website. It tells Google how much your site’s content is helpful and authoritative in your niche or industry.

Have you heard of the acronym E-A-T? It’s one of the popular SEO terms nowadays.

The abbreviation for EAT is:

  • Expertise
  • Authorities
  • Trustworthiness

If you are looking at these three bold words right now, I believe you can easily sense their meaning. Google expects your website to have such qualities. These elements build your domain authority, and it can be a prime hack for sustainable SEO growth.

So ask yourself some questions. Do you want your business to become an industry leader? Do you think you can build a powerful brand value? And last but not least, are your products and content delivering what they promise to customers?

Your answers should guide your SEO strategies.

Suppose, you are a career adviser. You have tons of content that intends to help people find the right job. But you don’t have to collaborate with any recruiting agency and employers. So, you can’t acquire any knowledge of the practical process and updates of recruiting policies.

In such cases, you won’t be able to guide your client to choose the right organization or profession.

Today, Google wants you to be an expert in your niche, your content and service must have practical insight that can really help people.

2. Intensive Focus on Visual Storytelling

We are living in the age of visual storytelling.

Not that a few decades ago, everyone hated movies or TVC. It’s always easier for human beings to be attracted to visuals. So when technology makes it easier, we tend to watch more videos, share more images on social media, and adopt easy learning habits based on visual storytelling.

The same thing happens to online businesses. 75% of people visit a business website after watching brand videos. Videos generate almost 45% of total internet traffic. Can you imagine?

So, one of the most sought-after SEO trends will be using high-quality videos in your web content.

On the other hand, netizens are showing interest in visual searches, too. They love to use platforms like Google Lens, and Pinterest. The latter is getting an unimaginable 600 million image search a year. 36% of US consumers have made a visual search.

So, it can be a new hack for your SEO strategies to use more connecting visuals, videos, and infographics.

3. Influencers are Going to Impact More

One of the powerful SEO trends is influencer marketing. Last year, 39% of marketers increased their budget on influencer marketing. So let me tell you what it is really about.

Ads are intended to lure people to your website. It acts as a hook. But how would you make people willingly come to your website? What makes them think you really are going to solve their problem?

The answer isn’t hard. You love a movie more when you find your friends also loving it.

For example, the recent Martin Scorsese film The Irishman made you overwhelmed and stunned. So you express your feelings to your community. That’s how good word of mouth develops. People who haven’t even known The Irishman before may also like to watch it.

It works in the same way with your business, too. If some popular industry expert tells your product is great, certainly that will add more gravity and increase the popularity of your products.

Since Google introduced featured snippets in 2014, it has become a big traffic driver. Google shows the most relevant data in a box just below the search console whenever a search is conducted.

At first, publishers feared the approach. They had started to ask questions. If someone finds what he seeks in the featured snippets, he may not want to visit the source site. But this fear has proven wrong with time. Your featured content in Google snippets can increase traffic by 31%. 

It can be a supercharger for your SEO strategies. But it’s hard to be featured, you know. The best way to get there is to learn and focus on featured snippets optimization.

5. Using AI to improve your SEO

Artificial intelligence is changing everything and making things easier. It helps to deliver a more personalized and aiding experience to your customers. For example, Google is using RankBrain. It’s an AI component of the Google algorithm that determines the most relevant data that shows in search results.

The use of AI in search engine optimization is on the rise. Research shows that 83% of marketers feel a positive and faster change after adopting artificial intelligence in SEO strategies. While 53% of companies are generating stable benefits.

Well, how does AI work? Suppose you want to optimize your content strategies with AI. The first step is to find the right AI tools. Then, choose your content topic. Let your AI tools analyze the topic. Now, you can review all the SEO information in one place, make decisions and apply them to your content.

6. The rise of voice search optimization

People tend to lessen their efforts in learning. They always love to find a way to make learning and gaining a bit easier. And no one but technology always hears their praying. Gadgets like Alexa, Amazon Echo or Voice Pod make voice search an exciting experience.

31% of worldwide smartphone users made voice search at least once a week. According to Google, voice search covers 20% of all web searches.

So it’s inevitable. You should think more about voice search compatibility and reinvent your SEO strategies for the new age.

Well, how does voice search affect your SEO? Suppose you ask Google, ‘Tell me about Philip Roth.’ It will show you more personalized information. It’s simpler for the search engine to understand your query more clearly.

When you optimize your web content, considering how voice search works, it will surely improve your traffic and authority.

7. Focus on other Search Engine

Wherever you go, Google gets you covered. Currently, it’s acquiring 88% of search engine market share. It’s become a natural practice for SEO experts to build their SEO strategies for Google only. This giant search engine is always evolving and making the user experience better every day.

Market Share of Different Search Engines: SEO

But why don’t you get your business top-rated on other search engines, too? Though other search engines like Bing, YouTube or Yahoo only get 12% of the market share, chances are that you make some progress their two.

There’s little possibility that Google will lose its popularity. But you should consider every major search engine to take your chances.

8. Mobile Search Optimization

Mobile search optimization has become a popular SEO trend for the last decades. In the years to come, there’s no doubt it will get more popularity. The ratio is surprising. 58% of people conduct web searches using smartphones right now.

Take a look at this market share chart by Statista. You can see how fast the mobile search trend is rising from 2014 to 2019.

Search queries made from mobile and desktop devices

Your website should be mobile-responsive in the first place. This means your site design must be well-fitted and navigational on smartphone screens.

Then it is your content that needs to be mobile search optimized.

Wrapping Up Top SEO Considerations

Google is evolving every day more than anything on the internet. If you want to play safe, you can. But if you really aspire to sustain and generate higher traffic, more conversion, and retention, you must keep renovating your SEO strategies.

Here, we have just shown you some of the most effective SEO trends. But they are boundless indeed. We believe now you can now prepare for your next level SEO game.

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