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Elementor WordPress Plugin

The Elementor WordPress Plugin: Ultimate Story From The Beginning

It’s very difficult to find people who are dealing with WordPress but don’t know about Elementor. Elementor is the fastest-growing visual page builder plugin that has changed the view of website building.

But are you sure that you know everything about Elementor?

Today, we’ll try to cover all about Elementor from the beginning to now, step by step. We hope you’ll enjoy the blog and learn something new about the Elementor WordPress Plugin.

Let’s get started.

A bit about Elementor- The Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Elementor installations
Elementor reached 5 Million active installation

Elementor is the world’s leading WordPress live page builder that completely changed the era of website development. However, they started their journey as a WordPress Theme Company back in 2015.

After that, they decided to build a page builder for WordPress, both for developers and designers. In 2016, they introduced Elementor, the ultimate WordPress visual page builder, after spending one year of dedicated development.

Today, Elementor is powering up more than 5 million websites around the world. Besides, they have 5000+ happy 5-star customer reviews in their pocket.

Most importantly, you can easily design and build your dream website in under 30 minutes without touching a line of code.

Story of Elementor’s Rapid Growth & Becoming The No. 1

Elementor page builder

The story of Elementor’s rapid growth started just after its launch in 2016. Since that moment, it has held its momentum and performed consistently in competitive web technology.

After spending one successful year, Elementor was loved by web designers as well as website owners from different parts of the world. In addition, it was also used to design more than 300K websites in 2017.

You can easily find its complete 2017 review here.

You can imagine 2017 as the year of the Elementor’s actual growth. On the other hand, in 2018, Elementor WordPress Plugin became a new standard for WordPress. Besides, it’s also become the leading page builder for WordPress.

From the below list, you can find most of the core contributions and features of Elementor that was developed in 2018.

  • 1+ million new sites
  • 2,133 five-star reviews
  • The 20th most popular WordPress plugin
  • 50K YouTube subscribers
  • Header & Footer Builder
  • Single & Archive Builder
  • 404 Design
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Dynamic Content
  • Autosave
  • Copy Style & Copy Paste
  • Navigator
  • Finder
  • Advanced Form Fields
  • Marketing Widgets
  • Action Links
  • Form Integrations
  • Call-to-Action

Check out more about the Elementor in 2018.

2019 was the third birthday of the Elementor Page Builder. And the consistency of the Elementor was rapidly increasing. In the year 2019, Elementor released some of the essential features, such as a popup builder, motion effects, hello theme, table of contents, and monthly template kit.

In fact, more than 3 million active installations have been added in the last year. Moreover, it has been translated into 53 different languages as well as 149% more newsletter subscribers joined with them.

Elementor will now be called the most suitable front-end WordPress Page Builder in 2023. With over 5 million users, Elementor is ruling the world of web development.

Introducing Elementor’s Glossary (Bonus)

Elementor WordPress Plugin Glossary

Here, we’ll talk about popular Elementor widgets and features step by step so that you can easily understand the functionality of Elementor.

Basic Elements

Elementor WordPress Plugin Glossary

When you install and activate Elelmentor, you can find 30 basic elements for designing your site. Let’s talk about some of them below.

Heading: Heading is a very important element for a website. With the Elementor, you can easily add so many necessary headings to your website.

Image: Without an image, you cannot imagine a website. Moreover, an image tells the visual story of your website. In Elelmetor page builder, an image can be added very easily just drag the image widgets and drop it in your desired section.

Introduce Elementor WordPress Plugin

Buton: When you visit a website, you see many different buttons. Some are used to download something, and some are used for CTA. With the button elements, you have the opportunity to add so many different types of buttons on your site.

Basic Gallary: Elementor gives you a very easy option to create an image gallery on your website.

Google Maps: Adding a Google map to your site has become very easy. You just need to add the Google Maps widgets to your site location section.

You can also see some of the top features of Elementor here in this awesome blog.

Pro Elements

Elementor Pro elements

If you want to add some advanced features to your website, you’ll choose Elementor Pro elements. Here, we’ll talk about some of the Pro elements of Elementor gradually.

Posts: If you want to showcase your blog post on your Elementor page, you can do this by adding the pro post elements. Therefore, with these amazing features, you’ll also be able to display your recent posts.

Slider: Slider is an essential element of a website. You can also create a slider for your website with this powerful pro slider feature of Elementor.

Form: With Elementor Pro, one has the opportunity to build a custom form.

Nav Menu: Proper site navigation always plays an important role. Most importantly, it also helps to show your website valuable information to your users. With the nav menu option, you may able to build your custom menu effortlessly.

Share Button: To stay connected on social media, you need to add your social share button on your website.

In addition, you’ll also learn more Elementor top add-ons through this blog.

Theme Elements

Elementor Themes features

To do a better theme design, you may use the theme elements of Elementor. Here are some examples below.

Site Logo: Elementor site logo feature allows you to add your website’s own logo.

Site Title: Every website has a slogan or a title. So, Elementor also gives you the option to add a custom site title to your site.

Sitemap: To submit your site to the search engine, you have to add your sitemap. With these sitemap elements, you can also add your own sitemap on your website.

WooCommerce Elements

Elementor woocommerce Glossary

WooCoommerce is the fastest-growing online eCommerce platform for WordPress. Most importantly, WooCommerce allows millions of entrepreneurs all over the world to set up their dream online businesses.

To improve WooCommerce functionality, the Elementors add so many powerful widgets in their compatible development. Let’s know a bit about some of them.

Product Title: All we know is that every WooCommerce product has a title. That’s why Elementor allows its users to add the product title to their online shop.

Produce Price: In the Elementor WooCommerce elements, you are able to add your product price.

Product Category: Like the product price, you also create your product category.

Most importantly, you’ll add at the necessary WooCommerce elements in your online shop through the Elementor WooCommerce elements. Therefore, you can see more Elementor Widgets on their official page.

An Outstanding Effort by HappyAddons Team to Power up the Elementor WordPress Plugin

HappyAddons the powerful addons for Elementor WordPress Plugin

You can find many 3rd party addons for Elementor in the market. Happy Addons is one of them but it’s unique and really easy to use. By using HappyAddons, you can easily add more extra features to your Elementor-built website.

Moreover, it is also the fastest-growing addons for Elementor. To achieve the consistently high performance of this awesome addon, Elementor added the Happy Addons to its addons showcase you can find it here.

If you want to know more about Happy Addons you can go through this blog.

Final Words on the Ultimate Elementor Story

Gradually, we are coming to the ending part of Elementor WordPress Plugin’s ultimate story. It has been a short journey where we try to cover the Elementor story from the beginning.

Besides, I hope that you learn something new about the world’s best visual page builder. If you have any queries regarding the story, feel free to comment on us.

Most importantly, don’t hesitate to comment if you want to share something about Elementor.

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