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How HappyAddons Helps the Elementor Community with Continuous Development (We are Now 200,000+!)

We are so thrilled to make an exciting announcement.

Today, we here at HappyAddons are super excited to announce that we’ve accomplished our biggest benchmark of this year- YES!!!! We can now proudly say that we’ve reached the milestone of 200,000+ Active Users.

That’s huge!

200,000+ Active Installs- This means more than 200k people chose HappyAddons as their web development platform.

Let’s look back on how we made it to this milestone in such a short time period!!!

Happy Addons 200,000+ Installations

If you are an Elementor fan, then there is zero possibility that you are not aware of Happy Elementor Addons! As it becomes the talk of the town within a short time period. Now Happy Elementor Addons is one of the top choices for Elementor developers.

Feature-rich widgets, super-fast design tools, and easy development skills- are the main ingredients for the immense popularity of HappyAddons. Our growing curve also justifies this statement with adequate evidence.

We hit the milestone of 30,000 active installs within six months only.

Within the next two months, we accomplished another benchmark of 50,000.

And back in (11/12/20) we crossed another benchmark of 100,000.

Today (03/11/21), we are here to announce another big achievement. Yesss!!! Now we are a proud family of 200,000+ members.

That means in 11 months alone, our user base has doubled in size.

We never expected it could happen so soon. We are grateful to all our valued clients, users, well-wishers, and partners for being with us in thick and thin. Without your contribution, we can’t make this happen.

Today we will take you on a short journey to overview the overall journey. So you can explore the secret behind this immense success of Happy Elementor Addons.

Happy Elementor Addons: Advanced Customization Tool for Elementor Users


Elementor itself is a powerful page builder for creating professional sites inside WordPress. But it’s really hard for a single plugin to cover every tiny detail of WordPress.

Luckily, there are a number of Elementor add-ons available on the web. They have filled almost all the gaps and covered many vital areas of webpage development. However, Happy Elementor Addons makes a significant place among these designing tools within a few months only.

HappyAddons empowers Elementor users with 90+ amazing widgets and 20+ unique features. Including a wide space for customization.

It makes Eementor site-building experience easier than ever. High-functional tasks like animation, site sync, live copy/paste – you can do everything with HappyAddons in a flash. And to do so you don’t need any prior technical knowledge either.

We have introduced the pro version of HappyAddons at the end of September 2020. Before that, we have run the beta version and collected reviews from the real users. And updated the tool based on those feedbacks.

That is the reason we got a huge positive response from day 1 of releasing the premium version. Although we never stop updating the features of these powerful Elementor addons, We regularly launch new features, updates, fixes, and tweaks and continue to hear from our users.

Eventually, we became a large family of 200,000+ interactive members within 8 months-

As you know we arranged Happy Grand Giveaway for all our clients, users, and well-wishers while reaching 30,000 active installations. This time we also plan something BIG as a token of gratitude!

We believe in sharing and prefer to spread the LOVE!

Free Built-in Extensions to Give You an Exclusive Experience

With HappyAddons, you will get unique and exclusive features completely FREE. It will add additional customization options to your Elementor site.

1. Floating Effect6. Custom Column Order
2. Asset Loading7. Happy Clone
3. CSS Transform8. Fixed Size Button
4. Background Overlay9. Grid Layout
5. 500+ Line Icon10. Wrapper Link

All these are advanced-level features. Not to mention, you can give a stunning look to your site using these features only.

Especially remarkable, the Floating Effect. With this magical feature now you can create exclusive animations for your site within a few clicks only. And it works seamlessly with all Elementor widgets. Moreover, you can add an amazing background, icons, layouts, and many more with these features.

Not only that, but every feature also comes with a hundred customization options. That means, with Happy Elementor Addons you will get endless opportunities to paint your site as per your imagination.

Happy Blocks, Post Tiles, Social Media Feeds– are some of the latest additions to HappyAddons Pro. Please give them a quick look!

Free HappyAddons Widgets for Exclusive Website Design

Elementor Page builder design

Like features, you will get 40+ FREE Happy Widget to design your Elementor site exclusively.

Some major widgets among them:

1. Card17. Fun Factor
2. Info Box18. Calendly
3. Skill Bars19. News Ticker
4. Review20. Social Icon
5. Dual Button 21. Twitter Feed
6. Number Widget22. Bar Chart
7. Justified Grid23. Gradient Heading
8. Testimonial24. Team Member
9. Logo Grid25. Post Tab
10. Slider26. Social Share
11. Image Carousel27. Horizontal Timeline
12. Post List28. Fluent Form Widget
13. Image Grid29. Taxonomy List
14. Image Compare30. 360 Degree Rotation
15. Icon Box31. Data Table
16. Step Flow32. News Ticker

It clearly shows that you can now build a highly functional site without any CSS coding proficiency. You can easily build your service page, showing your team members, animated sliders, different types of charts, social feeds, client testimonials, etc. Without writing a single line of code.

And most importantly, we launch new features and widgets depending on the user’s demand and current trends every month.

Pro Happy Elementor Addons (Widgets & Features)


As we said, the free version of HappyAddons is enough to give your site a slick look. But for unlocking some outstanding features and exclusive design techniques you must go for the PRO version.

Let’s see some PRO features of Happy Elementor Addons.

1. Preset4. Live Copy
2. Cross-Domain Copy Paste5. Image Masking
3. Unlimited Section Nesting6. Conditional Display
7. Blocks

Dreamlike copy-pasting elements from one domain to another domain becomes possible with HappyAddons. Now, you don’t need to create the same design for every site. It will surely reduce your workload & amplify your workflow significantly.

Furthermore, you can explore some advanced widgets as well with HappyAddons PRO.

1. Feature List14. Instagram Feed
2. Pricing Table15. Advanced Toggle
3. Flip Box16. List Group
4. Advanced Heading17. Count Down
5. Hover Box 18. Source Code
6. Team Carousel19. Promo Box
7. Scrolling Image20. Hot Spot
8. Advanced Tab21. Price Menu
9. Advanced Accordion22. Business Hour
10. Testimonial Carousel23. Line Chart
11. Logo Carousel24. Pie & Doughnut Chart
12. Animated Text25. Polar Area Chart
13. Timeline26. Radar Chart & more

If you’re a blogger, then these 8 new widgets from Happy Addons will work best for you:

1. Post Grid4. Post Carousel
2. Smart Post List5. Author List
3. Post Tiles6. Post Tab
7. Post List8. Taxonomy

As we said, you will get endless customization options for different colors, styles, effects, and many more with every feature and widget. Also, there are some individual criteria for each widget accordingly.

In short, Happy Elementor Addons makes your hands more powerful with scalable and super-fast designing tools. And enables you to portray all your imagination live at record speed.

How HappyAddons Enriched the Elementor Community

Happy Addons Community

Design is the most crucial part of website development. But Elementor makes it super easy with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Now, you can create a pixel-perfect website inside WordPress without having any prior expertise. Additionally, you can expand the functionality of Elementor with Happy Elementor Addons.

HappyAddons bundles up all the exclusive features to enhance the user’s in-hand experience. Grab this easy to use yet highly functional design tool to bring your insights live.

Apart from this, it fosters the design expertise of Elementor community members. So, you can accelerate the workflow while developing a side remarkably with this third-party add-on. As a result, developers can deliver their work faster and attend to more clients than before. It minimizes the time but improves quality.

Thus, Elementor users start using this toolkit for styling their widgets more attractively.

HappyAddons is a unique Elementor Addon. It might be the best addon package for Elementor.

Adam Preiser, Founder of WP Crafter

Furthermore, HappyAddons can easily match up with any Elementor powered WordPress site design requirements. It works seamlessly with all Elementor themes and templates. That increases the acceptance of this add-on among Elementor users.

As we mentioned above, we always prioritize our users at the top. In order to help them, we have a dedicated support team. This team provides 24/7 service for your assistance.

Besides, we have a social community on different platforms to communicate with our users directly.

Happy Addons Facebook Community

Like other WordPress community, we have created a Facebook Community for Elementor users. Here, we bring like-minded people under the same roof. So that you can share your experience and all types of queries there regarding Elementor and Happy Addons.

facebook community

Also, we share all our important updates and news here. Join the community now to get instant solutions and the latest news.

You can also join our Twitter community to stay tuned!

Happy Journey to Success- A Far to Go

Happy Addons

We become a family of 200,000+ members, and sharing the same bond with all is not an easy task. We appreciate your efforts to make this journey remarkable for us. As we started our journey with the aim of supporting Elementor users with exclusive features and intuitive design styles.

Your immense response and support, however, led us to broaden our thinking. We started to explore more useful elements only for enhancing your site development experience. With your love, we became a big family of 30,000 members within 6 months only.

For a new Elementor addon, it’s a significant achievement, as there are a ton of powerful add-ons available on the market.

This achievement boosts our energy and gets us more committed to giving maximum service to our clients. In this continuity, we regularly launch new features and widgets for both the Free and Pro version of HappyAddons.

These attributes are so amazing that we repeatedly cross 2 more milestones of 100k active installations and then become a family of 200,000 members eventually in only 11 months.

We are highly proud and grateful to our users for relying on us!

Happy Elementor Addons: Your Success, Our Achievements?

Happy Elementor Addons is a powerful resource for creating eye-catching designs quickly. Simply move your carousel and get your site ready to live!

We have launched HappyAddons at the end of 2019. And within the second quarter of 2020, we became a large family of 50,000+ members. And at the end of the last quarter, we extend our family adding more than 100,000+ members.

Currently, more than 200,000 people are using our tool to develop their dream site in a minimum time span at the lowest cost.

During this time, we have been confronted with many profound difficulties. The journey was filled with plenty of opportunities, challenges, hardships, planning, executions, failures, and so on. But we never lose our courage. We continue our work and bring new features and the latest updates. Along with the fix and tweak. However, the love and support we got from our users were tremendous!

Are you an Elementor user? Have you installed HappyAddons on your site? You can share your experience below in the comment section.

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  1. I love the style of the posts and even blog layout of this site, is there a copy code for it? Would love to see that

    1. Hello Lionel,

      Thanks for the appreciation. We have recently added some new features and widgets to HappyAddons. Give a check!

      Cheers 🙂

  2. Congrats on becoming a giant in the industry. So inspiring and great work by the team. Awesome explanation.

    However, I visit the youtube link but unfortunately, it was broken. It was a bit disappointment

    1. Hello Rath,

      Thanks for your comment. We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please give it an another try? And let us know if you still face the same problem.

      Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Hi Darius,

      Thanks a lot for inspiring us.

      Stay connected.

      Product Coordinator HappyAddons.

    1. Hi Adam,

      Gobinda here from team HappyAddons.

      We are very sorry that you are going through a terrible experience. Our dev team is working on it. Please allow us a few more times. We will give a patch for that issue. In the meanwhile, please roll back to our previous version. You will get the older version from here:

      Please stay connected.

      Product Coordinator HappyAddons.

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