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Top Happy Addons Pro Widgets at a Glance (with Easy User Guide)

Daily, hundreds of new competitors are declaring their appearances in the online marketplace. They are coming up with new ideas and new strategies. You have to compete with them taking advantage of modern and advanced website designs. Otherwise, you will fade away from the race.

No doubt, Elementor is a great page builder for WordPress. It comes with a very easy to use user interface. But, still, many things can be improved. Here, the 3rd party plugin comes to play its role. You can make your Elementor journey more smooth using a 3rd party integration like HappyAddons.

You will be surprised to know that more than 40,000 people are actively using Happy addons on their site. And we have reached this milestone within 6 months. That’s how people are loving it. In this blog, we are going to share that love with you. So, let’s get started. 

Give Your Elementor Website a Boost up Using Happy Addons Pro Widgets

Happy addons pro widgets

HappyAddons is a collection of sleek and powerful widgets that works seamlessly with the Elementor page builder. All you need to do is install it on your site and start customizing as per requirements to give your website a whole new level.

No worries about its customizing process. It is fully flexible to customize and comes with a great user-friendly interface. You don’t even need to be a designing expert or tech-savvy to make it workable. Just drag and drop the widgets and change its color and data to create a website from scratch.

This section will discuss some of the latest releases of the Happy addons pro widgets. We will take a look at its features, performance, and premade demos. 

List of Happy Addons Pro Widgets

This is a list of the pro widgets we will cover in detail. Take a quick look at this list. Afterward, every widget is briefly described with its user guide.  

  1. Promo Box widget
  2. Line Chart Widget
  3. Instagram Feed
  4. Price Menu widget
  5. Polar Area Chart Widget
  6. Source Code
  7. Hot Spots widget
  8. Pie & Doughnut Chart Widget
  9. Radar Chart Widget. 

All these widgets are dedicatedly designed to power up your Elementor website more than ever before, like our previously released widgets. 

1. Promo Box widget

Promo box widget will help you to show any discount or offer on your website. You can promote anything in a more lucrative way with the promo box widget of HappyAddons. You can catch your user’s attention with minimal efforts using this widget. 

Suppose you want to give your customers a winter or summer discount. Just use the premade design of this widget and let your customers get their discounts. It will increase your credibility. 

Moreover, you can modify this widget as per requirements. This is totally customizable. So, use this widget and clearly stay ahead in the competition. Check the documentation to get more premade designs and ideas for your website. 

2. Line Chart Widget

Line chart widget of happy addons

Data can hold the attention of the visitors if you know the right way to represent them. Data can be displayed in many ways. But you will get the most attractive way if you come across the Line chart widget of Happy addons. It will enable you to play with the data literally with its outstanding designs. 

Lice chart widget offers you several premade designs to visualize your data in different ways. More amazingly, each of the designs is animated and customizable. That means you can customize every ready-made design as you want. 

Stylishly show your data and make a difference from your competitors. Learn more about this widget from its documentation section. 

3. Instagram Feed

Instagram feed widget will help you to display your beautiful photos from your Instagram accounts with tons of styles. Basically, it fetches posts from your Instagram account and displays the images in a grid view on your website. Here, you can design the layout with tons of style elements.

Using this pro widget, you will be able to define how to display the images with different effects. Also, you can add hover effect, react button, comment box, border style, text, logo, links, and many more things. It comes with a massive number of premade demos for your ease of use.

Furthermore, you can imply thousands of combinations to make your design unique. Check out the detailed documentation to know how to use Instagram feed on your website.

4. Price Menu widget

Price menu widget of happy addons

Suppose you are running an online restaurant business. You need to have a menu list with pricing to display your food pricing. There are several competitors of yours using a usual price menu design. So, use such a design to help you stand out from the crowd.

The price menu widget of Happy addons can really rescue you in this situation. You can display your food menu list with or without price decently and creatively with this fully flexible widget. 

Visit the document section of this widget to know the customization procedures. Check demos for your inspiration. Each demo is fully customizable and will perfectly match with your Elementor website.

5. Polar Area Chart Widget

Polar chart widget of happy addons

The polar area chart is another powerful pro widget of Happy addons. It allows you to show all your stats on your website in a more stylish and smart way. It has some exclusive features that will help you to create extraordinary designs for your charts.

Explore all the premade demos for more exclusive designs and ideas. Use any of the design and visualize your data in different ways than your competitors. Each of the designs is animated and fully customizable.

The detailed documentation of the Polar area chart widget will help you to easily understand all the customization processes.  

6. Source Code

Display source code

Showing source code is not a nightmare anymore. Sometimes, it imbalances the website design for showing code snippets. But, now, you can show source code with several styles using the Source code widget of Happy addons. It allows you to show different types of codes in different styles.

For example, you can select the HTML style for HTML code snippet, JavaScript style for the JavaScript code snippet, PHP style for the PHP code snippet, and so on.

Visit the premade demo section for multiple designs. Choose any of the designs and let your visitor enjoy a different experience for showing source code. You can check the documentation if you face any problem while customizing the widget. 

7. Hot Spots widget

Hot spot pro widget

Now you can employ Hot Spot Widget of Happy Elementor Addons on your website to show the most important part of a background image. Like other Elementor widgets, this widget of Happy Addons also works amazingly with any WordPress site. 

Moreover, you can use this widget to drag and drop, edit it according to your image perspective, and add text. Visit ready-made demos for getting more ideas. 

So, create an accordion in such a style that visitors notice what you are trying to show them. The hot spot is another power-packed widget that can help you create the exact stylish accordions you want.

8. Pie & Doughnut Chart Widget

Pie and Doughnut chart pro widget

Pie and Doughnut chart is another widget of Happy addons to visualize your data in different styles. You can display data with animation so that your visitors can get a sense of the presentation as soon as they notice it. If you can set up this widget smartly, it will dramatically enhance the beauty of your website. 

This fully customizable widget will allow you to edit almost every part of the design. In the settings section, you can determine chart heights, enable tooltip, and legend. Also, you can add padding, border size, border color, border hover color, and many more.

Visit the documentation section to know more about the customization procedures of the Pie and Doughnut chart widget. 

9. Radar Chart Widget

Radar chart widget of happy addons

Radar chart widget does the same thing as pie and doughnut chart widget but with different styles. Like pie and doughnut chart widget, it also visualizes the data. But the presentation style is utterly distinct from one another. 

Like every other widget of Happy addons, it is also fully customizable. You can add padding, border width, line tension, point border width, and every other setting as per requirements.

Moreover, we offer you the documentation so that nothing can resist you to design your website with the latest styles. 

Happy Addons Comes with More Out of the Box Features for You

Features of Happy addons

HappyAddons is getting its popularity not only for its outstanding free and pro widgets but also for its out-of-the-box features list. These features will amaze you while you will be building your website. 

In this section, I have briefly explained some features with its usability. Let’s check them all. 

  • Cross-Domain Copy-paste: This feature will definitely be your handy if you want to avoid redundancy work. Using this feature you can easily copy or paste elements from one domain to another. Therefore you don’t have to do the same task again and again.
  • Live Copy: Live copy will let you copy the demo work right to your website. If you’re facing difficulties to design the website from scratch, then the live copy feature of Happy Addons can be very useful for you. 
  • Image Masking: If you want to change the image size, image masking will help you. Using the image masking feature, you can change the original size of the images. And apply it according to your layout.
  • Wrapper Link: Wrapper link makes the linking concept easier than ever before. Using wrapper ink, you can link anywhere you like to use. This feature will help you to add links to any sections, columns, widgets.
  • Display Condition: Display condition is a super cool feature to show the content on different platforms. Depending on your browser, operating system, and data, you can show the content according to the condition.

All these features will seamlessly perform with any Elementor website. So, don’t let anything hold you back to build an up-to-date Elementor website using the Happy Addons pro widgets. 

Wrapping Up

Every day we are outreaching more and more people with our powerful Happy Addons pro widgets. Reviews of our customers make us proud that we are contributing to a big scale for making their outstanding website.

So, use our full flexible Happy addons and make a smart looking website to get more traffic on your site. If you face any complications while using Happy addons, don’t forget to let us know. We will serve you with the utmost priority.

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