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Sticky Videos

How to Create Sticky Videos in WordPress with Elementor

The impact of video marketing is huge. It becomes an effective medium to increase customers’ engagement with any brand. Digital marketers from all over the world utilize this technique to acquire the prospect’s trust by building a robust relationship.

In this regard WYZOL expressed that:

87% of marketing professionals utilize video as a prior marketing tool

Today we’re here to show you an easy way to include videos to your website. This tutorial elaborates you how to use Sticky Videos on an Elementor site. Surely, it’ll help you to increase your videos view time and lessen the website’s bounce rate.

To simply your job we’ll use the Sicky Video widget of Happy Addons. Let’s start with-

Introducing Sticky Video Widget of Happy Addons

How to use Sticky Videos

Global marketers continuously bring different techniques in terms of generating more leads & loyal customers. Videos (sticky features) with great content can drastically drive customer’s attention than other marketing approaches.

Using “sticky” or “pinned” video players will allow for continuous video viewing while users scroll through articles on the websites

Jack Marshall, Reporter at The Wall Street Journal

To pacify its user currently, Happy Addons released a super cool feature, called ‘Sticky Videos Widget’. You can easily use Sticky video Widget on your WordPress site without knowing any codes. Moreover, you’ll get plenty of options to manage your videos in different ways.

However, let’s check the benefits that you’ll get with sticky videos on your website:

  • Grab more customer attention
  • Reduce bounce rate and improve conversions
  • Boosts the viewability rate of your videos
  • Entertains visitors while checking other items on the website

How to Create Sticky Video on WordPress Site (3- Easy Steps)

Sticky Videos

Now let’s show you the complete process of how to use the Sticky Video widget of Happy Addons.

Before using the feature, let’s check out the pre-requirements below:-

Do make sure that you have successfully installed & activated Elementor & Happy Addons.

Step One: Add the Widget to Your Preferred Page

First of all, you need to add the widget to the page you wish to update. To do that, navigate to that page and select the widget. And then paste it on the working screen.

Sticky Options

After you add the widget, you’ll get a default video already stored in the feature. So here is the video that you’ll get initially.

Default Options

Step Two: Explore Your Customization Options

After that, you’ll find some initial options. At the top of the screen, you can choose the platform to whom you want to display the videos.

  • You have YouTube, Vimeo, and Self Hosted videos to use.
  • Slightly scroll down and change the autoplay options
  • And then Start and End time
  • Also, you can enable the video play control option and aspect ratio of the video

Note: Make sure you add the actual URL of the video and not the share URL.
✔️Valid URL:
❌ Invalid URL:

Sticky Videos

Now you can click on the overlay button to provide a thumbnail of your video. Also, you can customize the play icon from the icon gallery. For instance, enable the overlay option.

Overlay Option

So here you can add a thumbnail image, and also customized play button.

Sticky Videos

Don’t forget to enable the Sticky Option. Otherwise, the sticky feature will not work. You can set the position of the sticky videos (left to right and top to bottom).

Sticky Videos

Step Three: Apply Different Style to Your Widget

Now if you want to stylize the widget, you need to tap on the Style section.

  • First, you can change the sticky video player size and its close button color.
Stylize Sticky videos

Here you can also change the bar size, margin, padding, colors, etc.

  • To do that simply just click on the Player button, and change the value according to your design.
Sticky Videos

Next you can change the style of Overlay photo and its icon.

  • Here you’ll able to change its size and color
Online Sticky videos

So after customizing the whole widget, here is the final preview of the Sticky Videos.

Sticky Videos

Well, this is how you can beautifully add some custom made sticky videos on your WordPress site using Elementor & Happy Addons.

On the other hand, you can check out the following video tutorial for a detailed guide?

Anyways, if you want to know the customizing process of a WordPress theme, you can check out the post below. This will surely give you a strong idea of precisely customizing a WordPress theme and giving it an elegant look.

Final Conclusion

Now you may also agree that sticky videos look really great when you gradually scroll down to the web page. It gives a visual attraction to the user sight. As a result, users used to stay on that page. So it increases your video view time & reduces the bounce rate consecutively.

You should also include this modern technique in your marketing strategy. Otherwise, your business may lose great opportunities to grow.

So if you’re still not using this amazing feature on your WordPress site, will this tutorial help you make the right decision?

Without further ado, let’s check out Happy Addons Features.

Or if you want to get a direct interaction, you can simply put your queries in the comment section. We’ll be glad to answer all your questions.

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