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How to Make WordPress Sticky Post

How to Make WordPress Sticky Posts with Ease

WordPress, by default, shows the latest posts on the top of the blog page. When you publish new content to your website, the previous post goes down and ultimately gets moved to the archive page.

But there are some contents that are evergreen. And you want to add or show it at the top of your blog.

Now the question is how?

Let’s show you the whole process of how to create WordPress sticky posts in two easy ways.

A sticky post is a blog post attached to the top of the blog page remains until you remove the sticky option.

Before we’re going to start, you have to understand why you should use a sticky post on the WordPress website.

WordPress Sticky Posts Explained

How to Make WordPress Sticky Post

A sticky post is a blog post primarily used to highlight the important content on your blog. Most of blogger use this WordPress post feature to present their blog posts at the top of the blog page to grab their users’ attention.

There are mainly two types of blog posts that are used as sticky posts.

They are:

1. Pillar Content on Your Blog

Pillar content is the best and most important content on your website. You can include how-to guides, in-depth articles, and your most exoteric blog post as the pillar content.

By adding this at the top of the blog page, you can spontaneously boost your website traffic, attract more users, and increase your page view time.

In the following image, you’ll see a how-to article that is used as a sticky post.

pillar sticky post
Example of a pillar sticky post

2. Analytical Content by Time-relevance

There are other contents that you also can use as a sticky or pin post on your website. You can choose analytical content such as product updates, major announcements, and more.

Here, we’ve used Happy Addons year in review as our sticky post. It’ll help our customers to understand what we’ve for them.

Analytical sticky post
Example of an analytical sticky post

There are more possibilities to do with WordPress sticky posts-

  • Use sticky posts for categories
  • Show the latest sticky posts
  • Add sticky posts for custom post types
  • Hide sticky posts from the WordPress loop
  • Style your sticky posts

How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

It’s simple to add a sticky post to a WordPress website.

Let’s get started:

One: Make a New Post Sticky

To make a post sticky, you first need to log in to your WordPress Admin Panel. And go to Post>Add New.

Now, you’ll get all the necessary options for writing a post.

Here, (for example) we’ve written a post title and two paragraphs as our post content.

Create New Sticky Post

Now, it’s time to make our WordPress post sticky.

Click on the Post–>Status & visibility from the right sidebar dropdown menu.

Status & Visibility

Here, you’ll find the option ‘Stick to the top of the blog‘. Make sure to check that bookmark box.

Checkmark stick to the top

You’re done.

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Two: Make an Old Post Sticky

In this step, we’ll show you how to make an old WordPress post sticky.

First, click the Post–>All Posts. Here, you’ll get the posts list that you’ve created earlier.

All posts

First, you have to remove the other sticky post. To do this, click the Quick Edit option.

Quick edit old post

Now you should uncheck the box “Make this post sticky” and click the update button.

Remove sticky post

Again, go back and select the Quick Edit option of the post that you want to make sticky.

Find the old post to sticky

You need to ‘check mark’ the Make this post sticky and click the update button for saving.

Make the old post sticky

Now, this post will be shown at the top of the blog as a sticky post.

Final sticky post

That’s it.

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Time to Make Your Sticky Posts and Ensure Desired Traffic

Adding a sticky post on top of the blog is a great way to display your best post for the users. In the definitive guide, we’ve shown all the possible ways to add a sticky post to your WordPress website.

We also have discussed the importance of sticky posts and when you should use them.

If you have any queries regarding this blog, you can comment in the below box. We request you to share this post on your social channel if you like it. Did you like it?

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