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InboxWP WordPress transactional email sending plugin

Meet InboxWP: Take Control of Your WordPress Transactional Email Delivery with Perfection πŸŽ‰

Transactional emails are crucial in maintaining effective communication between businesses and customers. They are triggered by specific actions, like password reset requests, order confirmations, account notifications, form submissions, payment receipts, etc.

Failing to deliver these transactional emails promptly to users’ inboxes can hurt their trust and frustrate them. Often, it’s also seen that most of your emails end up in users’ spam folders, although everything is fine from your end.

If you are struggling with all these issues, InboxWP is there to save you. This is a WordPress plugin meticulously designed to ensure timely transactional email delivery every time. This article will provide a quick overview of the InboxWP, explaining what you do with it. Get started!

What is InboxWP at a Glance?

InboxWP is a powerful transactional email delivery plugin for WordPress websites. It can handle from welcome emails to order confirmation emails, ensuring each of them reaches your customers’ inboxes reliably on time, and always.

InboxWP comes with a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to configure and manage all types of transactional emails easily from a centralized dashboard. The plugin is seamlessly compatible with all the popular WordPress plugins, like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, membership plugins, etc.

InboxWP boasts a high delivery rate, meaning your emails reach users’ inboxes without any delay. It provides you with access to a comprehensive email log, enabling you to track and analyze the performance of your sent emails.

Why Should You Choose InboxWP for WordPress Transactional Email Delivery

Why should you consider InboxWP

WordPress emails are typically sent using PHP through the default system, the WP_mail function. But this default system can present challenges due to complex settings and technical incompatibility. One major drawback is that PHP emails lack support for SMTP authentication and using an external SMTP server.

As a result, emails sent this way are more likely to be flagged as spam and may not have proper spam protection. This is where InboxWP comes to save you. It covers a wide range of features to improve your email delivery rates and protect against spam.

InboxWP can handle various types of transactional emails. For example, new user registration emails, user role change emails, password reset emails, order confirmation emails, payment receipts, shipping notifications, automatic updates notifications, comment notification emails, and more.

Major Benefits of Using InboxWP: At a Glance

  • Shows detailed email log with comprehensive performance reports
  • Seamlessly integrate with the popular WordPress plugins
  • Easy to navigate with just one/few clicks
  • Excellent deliverability (99.5%) through secured sending servers
  • Intuitive interface and setup process

You’ll know about these points in detail in the feature section.

Key Features of InboxWP that Have Made it Standout

Key features of InboxWP

Before buying any product, you must learn all of its key features to ensure that they meet your specific needs, maximize utility, and align with your expectations. Below, we have covered a list of all the key features of InboxWP. Take a look.

1. Intuitive Interface

We’ve already said above that InboxWP boasts an intuitive interface. This means even a non-technical user can use it like a pro after practising for fifteen to thirty minutes. You can easily navigate anywhere on the plugin without any unnecessary complications. This streamlined design can enhance the overall user experience.

2. Easy to Get Started

It won’t take a long time to configure the plugin. Unlike many WordPress plugins, it won’t ask you to configure any complicated setup wizard. After the plugin is activated, you have to connect it to your website, which will take you only a few clicks. InboxWP will be fully ready to work afterwards.

3. Centralized Dashboard

The centralized dashboard provides everything you need in a single window. So you don’t have to open multiple tabs to check the status and performance report of your sent transactional emails in one single view. This not only saves you time in management but also helps you make quick decisions.

InboxWP dashboard

4. Secured Email Sending Server

InboxWP prioritizes security through the use of secure and reputable sending servers. This acute emphasis on security contributes to an outstanding delivery rate of 99.5%, which you are really looking for. This superb delivery rate will establish confidence among various email clients and your customers.

5. Compatible with Other WordPress Plugins

You can seamlessly integrate InboxWP with any WordPress plugin required to generate transactional emails. Not only with eCommerce, membership, newsletter, and form-related plugins. So, no matter what business you dream of opening online, InboxWP can be your reliable assistant.

6. Custom Email Signature

With the InboxWP plugin, you can add a customized email signature to your emails by verifying your email’s DNS record. Once verified, your unique email signature will be visible to every transactional email sent to recipients.

This will help you add a personal touch to emails, enhance brand awareness, and uphold customer engagement. Plus, users will feel safe realizing the email has come from the right place.

Add email signature

7. Check Email Logs

Depending on your business size and audience size, you may need to send a large number of transactional emails each day. You must check if they are really hitting recipients’ inboxes or not. InboxWP allows you to check the email log, allowing a detailed insight into delivered, pending, and bounced emails. You can also filter these emails based on various parameters.

8. 24/7 Expert Support

InboxWP is managed by the same team behind Dokan, WPERP, Project Manager, HappyAddons, and many other exciting WordPress plugins. So, you never have to worry about customer support at all. You’ll always get expert-level support 24/7 in case of any needs.

9. Comprehensive Documentation

InboxWP provides comprehensive documentation detailing every single aspect of how to use this plugin. This will serve as a valuable resource for you to grow in-depth knowledge of the plugin’s functionalities. Whenever the plugin releases any new feature or functionality, be sure that you will get the respective documentation ready in advance.

Link to the doc page.

How to Get Started with the InboxWP Plugin

Getting started with InboxWP is as easy as playing games on your computer. Its installation and activation process is almost similar to other WordPress plugins. Let’s take a look at this.

Step 01: Install and Activate InboxWP

Get into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New Plugin. Click the Upload Plugin button on top. Add the ZIP file of the plugin by hitting the Choose file button.

Once the plugin is added, press the Install Now button.

Install the InboxWP plugin

After the plugin is installed, you’ll get the following page on your screen. Hit the Activate Plugin button.

Activate the plugin

Step 02: Connect the InboxWP Plugin to Your Website

A menu named InboxWP will be added to the left-side admin menu bar.

Go to InboxWP. You’ll get this interface on your screen. Press the Connect your website button. It will take a short while to complete the process.

Connect the InboxWP plugin to your website

You’ll be redirected to the pricing page after that. You’ll get all the pricing plans on this page. Enter your credentials to complete the process.

Subscribe to InboxWP

Hope you have completed the purchase rightfully, entering all the necessary details. You’ll receive the following message on your screen at the end.

InboxWP subscribed

This is the basic setup process for InboxWP. Hope the rest you can do based on your personal preferences. Try sending transactional emails to some demo accounts to check if the plugin is working perfectly or not. In the case of any problem, you can message the support team.

To learn more about InboxWP configurations, visit their documentation page.

Pricing Plans of InboxWP

InboxWP currently has two pricing plans: Agency Plan and Personal Plan. Let’s see what they have for you.

Pricing plans of InboxWP

Agency Plan

The Agency Plan features the bulk pricing option that starts from $15/month, allowing you to handle up to ten thousand emails monthly. The Agency plan lets you use the plugin for up to ten websites.

Personal Plan

The Personal Plan starts from $14.99/month, allowing you to handle unlimited transactional emails. However, you can subscribe to the plan at $7.99/month until the promotional offer ends. But the Personal Plan will let you use the plugin only on one website.


Efficiency in any work today is an important factor for the ultimate success. It doesn’t just mean how much work one can do quickly. It involves trust, security, reliability, and easiness of handling. InboxWP will provide you with all these things so you can take your online business and audience management to the next level.

Please leave your opinion about InboxWP in the comment section below. This will help more interested users learn honest reviews about the product.

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