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Best Elementor Landing Page Templates

Best Elementor Landing Page Templates You Should Utilize

If you are an Elementor user, creating a website is no longer difficult for you. Rather you can extend the flexibility using pre-made Elementor landing page templates. It’s easy to use and customize as per your brand requirements.

A well-designed template gives your website a professional look instantly. Also, you can choose from a wide range of available templates categorized by different niches. Since you get the skeleton ready with basic functions, it’ll save both your time and effort.

However, selecting the right template can be troublesome for beginners. To help you out, we’ve listed here 20 professional landing page templates. All the templates are fully mobile-optimized and customizable so you can easily implement them on your website.

Here we divided the templates into 2 parts-

  • 10 Official Elementor Landing Page Templates
  • 10 HappyAddons Landing Page Templates

Let’s start with Elementor Templates-

10 Best Elementor Landing Page Templates to Kick-start Your New Website

Elementor comes with 100+ landing page templates for only their pro users to create their website rapidly. They have different templates for different categories.

In this section, we are going to share 10 suitable landing page templates. Whether you want to build your blog site, portfolio, or business site, the following templates will make your dream come true.

1. Delivery Company (Business & Services Landing Page Templates)

If you want to establish a delivery service company and want to build a website, you may check the Elementor Delivery Company landing page template. This fresh and advanced website template comes with all the necessary features that you need to create a delivery service company website.

This template offers a dedicated service page where you can discuss your company’s different services. You can also share your client’s testimonials.

Key Features:

  • Contact CTA
  • Contact Info
  • Services
  • Team

2. Online Marketing Courses (Technology Landing Page Templates)

Since the epidemic COVID-19, the importance of taking online courses has greatly increased. Now many organizations and individuals want to launch a website to run an online course business. If you are on the same platform then you should check this Elementor Online Marketing Courses landing page template to make your website.

This handy template is fully mobile responsive and flexible so you can simply change its default design and create it in your own style. Although this template focuses primarily on marketing courses, you can use it to design any type of online course website.

Key Features:

  • Courses
  • Hamberger menu
  • Single post
  • Sticky sidebar

Read More: How to create an online course website using Elementor.

3. Online Coffee Shop (E-commerce Landing Page Templates)

The use of online restaurant services is increasing even customers prefer to order their food online. That’s why most restaurant owners are interested in running their business online.

If you are an Elemmtor user, it is easy for you to create a restaurant website. You can use the premade Elementor Online Coffee Shop template to build your site. This slick and stunning template comes with all the essential features that a standard restaurant website should have. You can set up a custom popup to show your discount and display your food items on a grid layout.

Key Features:

  • Contact form
  • Discount popup
  • eCommerce features
  • Product grid

4. Design Conference (Events & Entertainment Landing Page Templates)

No matter, whether you are a motivational speaker, podcaster, or influencer using this awesome Elementor landing page template, you can effortlessly create a website to manage your online conferences on one platform.

This responsive template comes with a modern look and also offers a clean registration form to register your users. You can showcase your multiple speakers on your site and share your program details using a dedicated program page.

Key Features:

  • Counter
  • FAQ
  • Hamberger menu
  • Logo gallery

5. Family Doctor (Health & Wellness Landing Page Templates)

Want to create a medical website without coding knowledge? With this Family Doctor website template, you can efficiently design any type of medical website in minutes. This advanced landing page template is easy to customize and comes with an elegant design. However, this template allows your patients to book an appointment with their preferred doctor.

You can display your patient testimonials on your site and display your doctor’s list so that patients can find them. So try the Family Doctor Element template and create your own medical website.

Key Features:

  • Booking CTA
  • Contact info
  • Services
  • Team

6. Private Tours (Travel & Tourism Landing Page Templates)

Are you a personal tour guide and want to make a website so the global tourists can easily contact you for making a tour plan? If so, Elementor Private Tour landing Page template is a suitable website template for designing a travel or tour guide website.

This exclusive template has a tour booking feature so that a tourist can book a trip with you. You can share your tour story using the blog page by writing posts and displaying your tour photos using the gallery page. Check out this template and make your dream come true by designing a beautiful website.

Key Features:

  • Discount popup
  • Gallery
  • Hamberger menu
  • Quick contact form

Read More: How to create a travel website using Elementor.

7. Sports Blog (Blog Landing Page Templates)

Interested in sports and want to create a blog website to write about sports? Check out this Elementor Sports Blog template and create your first blog site. With this template, you can display your social channels for sharing your posts

Also, you’ll get a stunning sticky header and section for displaying ads. This responsive website template is perfect for building any kind of blog site so try it now.

Key Features:

  • Blog
  • Post grid
  • Sidebar
  • Subscription CTA

Also, check this guide and learn how to create a sports website with Elementor.

Art Gallery Landing Page Template is the perfect elemental website template for creating a beautiful art gallery website. This template is specifically designed for those who want to showcase their artwork through an online exhibition. If you want to showcase the work of other artists, you can do so using this template.

You can discuss individual artists and their work using a dedicated artist page. However, you can set your location using Google MAP and users can interact with you using the About page.

Key Features:

  • Contact details
  • MAP
  • Post gird
  • Single post

9. Black Friday (Seasonal Landing Page Templates)

If you are planning to run a special marketing campaign during Black Friday and are looking for a suitable landing page template to give your existing site a custom look, then you should use the Elementor Black Friday landing page template. This amazing template comes with various home page designs and several sections so you can create your own custom page.

However, it does have a discount badge and product grid option that lets you showcase your discount products. This template is mobile responsive and customizable. Try this template and make this festive season more colorful by designing an elegant website.

Key Features:

  • Deal
  • Events
  • Marketing
  • Promotion

10. Personal Trainer (Sports & Fitness Landing Page Templates)

You are a personal trainer and want to share your health or fitness tips with your customers online and looking for a perfect template for creating a website. Well, you need to check out the Personal Trainer landing page template for Elementor. This template is specially designed to make a gym or fitness services website. You can add your different services to your website.

This template allows your customers can send their reservations using a beautiful contact form. However, you can also write & publish health and fitness tips to your website blog page. So don’t forget to check this template.

Key Features:

  • Blog
  • Conatct details
  • Features
  • Services
happy elementor addons

10 Beautiful Happy Addons Landing Page Templates To Create Your Dream Website

Happy Addons is one of the suitable Elementor addons that is fast, advanced, and comes with exclusive free & pro landing page templates so that users can build their site effortlessly and free. This modern add-on offers 70+ stunning landing page templates with 400+ blocks that are easy to use and fully customizable.

Here, we have selected some of the best Elementor free and pro landing page templates so that any type of user can create their site.

1. E-commerce Elementor Landing Page

Want to design a product landing page to display an individual product for sharing product details? Why not try the Happy Addons’ E-commerce Landing Page template. This modern look responsive template is an ideal one to design your custom product landing page. However, you can showcase your product images using a stunning photo gallery.

Try this E-commerce Elementor Landing Page template and make your product page more catchy.

Key Features:

  • Product feature option
  • Photo Gallery
  • Clients logo section
  • Testimonial area

Read this blog and learn how to design a photo gallery using Elementor.

2. Service Provider Elementor Landing Page Templates

Looking for a perfect website template to create your hosting service provider website? Try the exclusive Happy Addons’ Service Provider Elementor Landing Page Templates to create your professional website in minutes and save your valuable time. With this template, you are able to design your custom landing page for a specific service.

You can also add your domain pricing plan and share different service details in a decent way.

Key Features:

  • Domain pricing plan
  • Service area
  • Contact & support details
  • Clients logo & testimonial

3. Portfolio Landing Page Templates

A portfolio website can be a smart way to share your professional details. With the modern and stylish portfolio landing page templates from Happy Addons, you can effortlessly prepare your personal or portfolio website in a more organized way. This template is mobile-friendly and comes with a portfolio section to share works. Also, a detailed contact area so your clients can get in touch with you.

Don’t waste your time. Try this suitable portfolio website template and make your site.

Key Features:

  • Contact details
  • Skill bar option
  • Animated text
  • Portfolio area

Also, learn how to create a portfolio website with Happy Addons and Elementor.

4. Corporate Website Landing Page Templates

Planning to build a business website in a short time and looking for a suitable website template to do it? See the Happy Addons Corporate Website landing page template and use it for your custom business website design. This template is fully customizable so you can put your web content in the template.

Try the clean and responsive template and build your professional corporate website with less effort.

Key Features:

  • Slider option
  • Testimonial area
  • Background image
  • Blog section

5. Restaurant Landing Page Templates

Want to lunch your online restaurant and look for an ideal website template to create a restaurant website using Elementor? You need to check this one-page landing page template made by the Happy Addons team specially for running an online restaurant business.

Save your time and insert this template to your site. Then customize it in your own style.

Key Features:

  • Display food menu
  • Add business hours
  • Show discount food items
  • Responsive design

6. Coming Soon Landing Page Template

Suppose you need to update your website content or you are currently building your website that’s not finished yet. So, you want to create a coming soon page so your users get a message about what’s going on your website now. If you are facing this type of issue, you should use the Happy Addons elegant Coming Soon page template.

Using this page template, you are able to design a custom coming soon page within a very short time that makes your website functional.

Key Features:

  • Video section
  • Subscription form
  • Social accounts

7. Startup Website Templates

Are you running a startup and need to create a website for it? Try the free Happy Addons startup website template that lets you create a custom look professional startup website. You can use this website template to add all the information your business needs in one place.

Choose this template to create your first website without spending a penny.

Key Features:

  • Pricing plan
  • Several video adding options
  • Display services
  • Modern design

8. Games & Entertainment Elementor Landing Page Templates

If you are interested in gaming and want to create a website to share gaming resources with game lovers, you should choose the Happy Addons free Games and Entertainment Elementor landing page template. With this template, you can create your own gaming website. This is a perfect template that comes with a stunning slider and contact area.

So make your gaming impression worldwide by launching a brand new free website.

Key Features:

  • Slider option
  • Google MAP
  • Progress bar
  • Q&A Section

9. Cyber Monday Landing Page Templates

Happy Addons comes with a couple of seasonal landing page templates so that users can give a fresh look to their website during the festival season and run their marketing promotion. Including them, the Cyber Monday Landing Page Template is one of the best landing page templates for designing a website focused on the Cyber Monday holiday.

With a stunning hero section, a marketer can put top discounted products, show partners logo, and all the essential information to their website. Make your product marketing more effortless with a proper landing page design.

Key Features:

  • Subscription form
  • Display top deals
  • FAQs area
  • Contact details

10. Agency Elementor Templates

Looking for a simple single-page agency website template to create a website to run your agency business? Why not check out this awesome Agency Elementor Template powered by Happy Addons? This exclusive template is suitable and comes with all the necessary features you need to design your agency website.

You display your team members and showcase your works to your site. Also, set your custom pricing plan with a stylish design.

Key Features:

  • Team member
  • Custom pricing plan
  • Display clients logo

Choose The Suitable Elementor Landing Page Templates for Your Website

After the long discussion, it’s the perfect time to pick the best landing page template for your website. Let us know in the comments section which website template you have chosen to make your website.

In this article, we’ve covered 20 suitable landing page templates to create websites in different niches.

However, we’ve also discussed some exclusive Elementor free landing page templates designed by the Happy Addons team. With these templates, you can build your website in no time. So, make your website creation tasks more simple with pre-made landing page templates.

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