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Content marketing tools

Top Content Marketing Tools To Simplify SEO

Content Marketing works as a bridge while building up a relationship with customers. So, if you want to start an online business and optimize it with proper SEO strategies, then Content Marketing can be your first approach to acknowledge. Because it’s cost-effective, time-reducing, and easy to do.

Content Marketing provides 4x the ROI of our traditional marketing spend.

Ann Handley

In this article, we’ll discuss each and every edge of Content Marketing, including Content Marketing Tools, best SEO practices, how it work, etc. Additionally, we’ll also discuss the common mistakes that every marketer makes at the end of the last part.

So, let’s dive into the discussion.

A Short Drawback to Content Marketing

Content Marketing Tools
Importance of Content Marketing-Images By Web Liquid

Today we are living in a time where entrepreneurs are everywhere. Many startup businesses depend on content marketing nowadays. And they are trying to build up their communities on those online platforms.

Moreover, Content Marketing is such a marketing tactic that no one can deny it. So, content marketing can be your perfect weapon to attract and convert a stranger into a potential customer.

Statistics say content marketing strategies include – blogging (65%), social media (65%), and others (64%)- Web Hosting Grating

So, you can clearly see that the percentage of blogging and social media are at the top of the position. Therefore, most of the website’s income/revenue comes directly from the blog and social media activities.

Content Marketing Statistics
Content Marketing Statistics

Behind every successful brand, valuable and relevant Content works as a boon.

digital marketing agency IMPACT.
Content marketing tools
Content Marketing Tools

More than 59% of B2C and 55%B2B marketer utilizes content marketing strategies to gain success in business. And the most interesting part is, business owners are trying hard to engage their users with the help of using various content marketing tools to ease the process. Yes, you hear it right.

So, in this section, we are going to share some content marketing tools that can help you take care of your users and nurture them:

1. weMail – Power Up Your Email Marketing Effort

Email marketing tool

weMail is an open-source & cloud-based email marketing tool for WordPress users. With it, you can create some beautiful campaign templates for newsletters, study your users’ data, generate leads, and segment your email list for different purposes.

Apart from these, it’s a lightweight plugin. So it will not harm your website speed and give your site a smooth load. The instant email-sending process with weMail is just worth mentioning. However, weMail operates its email sending process via SES, SpartPost, Mailgun, and some other popular email-sending gateways.

So what else can you get with email, let’s find out below:

  • Multiple Email Sending Gateway Compatible
  • Solid WordPress Integration
  • Multiple Form Building Option
  • Analytics
  • Email List Features
  • Import & Export
  • List management

2. WP Project Manager Pro

Project Manager Pro

WP Project manager is a popular WordPress plugin. The initial activity of Project Manager pro is that it allows users to control all task-related work right from their dashboards. Moreover, it creates a central hub to connect all the employees in the dashboard.

Plus, it boosts employees’ activities with some cool yet advanced features like unlimited to-do lists, sub-tasks, task assignments, including comments on tasks, and many more. Also, the admin can produce multiple projects and assign associate workers to complete the tasks.

Top Features that you can find in WP Project Manager:

  • Time tracker
  • Interactive task calendar
  • Team capacities & member roles controller
  • Recurring Task
  • Files & documents manager
  • Personal dashboard for all users
  • For more click here

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Audience data from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another famous tool for analyzing customer data and their activities in an organized way.

With Google Analytics, you get the following benefits:

  • You can know your most popular web pages
  • You’ll see the most shared web pages
  • Helps you to know customer information
  • Determine user location, age, and gender, etc
  • Detect online campaign in minutes

4. Crazy Egg

Content marketing tools

When we researched the areas and reasons why people used Crazy Egg, we discovered that many of them use it to increase conversions for their business, some of them use it for improving their website design, and the rest of them use it for Local SEO.

5. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo gives you a chance to discover what works in your specialty, for the challenge, and for whom to elevate your content to for an ideal presentation. You can easily find the most viral topics, trending facts, and other stuff here.

It can locate your target audience according to infographics and promote your content on Twitter. Therefore, you can do it all with this tool.

6. weForms Pro

weForms Pro

weForms is one of the fastest WordPress form builder plugins that enables you to create any type of form in moments. You might wonder what the connection is between content marketing and a form builder plugin! Let’s get cleared.

When we talk about marketing on the web, it’s basically referred to how much lead you could generate, how easily would they be able to get connected & interact with you. Here comes a form builder plugin to the rescue.

weForms lets you easily create unlimited forms, and your users get attached, spending zero effort. By creating forms, weForms lets you gather unlimited contacts and analyze their data with a single click. Moreover, you can create an online database and more using weForms.

So, get a WordPress form builder like weForms and power up your Content Marketing.

Google Ranking Factor and SEO Practices In Content Marketing

Google Ranking factor & SEO Practices In Content Marketing

Google is paying more heed to those websites that follow proper content structure. Because content is a vital part of any website. People come, visit, read, and perform various activities on a website.

We see many websites lose their traffic due to the bad practices of SEO. Therefore, you have to be very careful and beware of blackhat SEO practices if you want to rank in the Google search engine.

Let’s know what to consider to rank in Google:

  • Need to plan for keywords in a structural way
  • Use more LSI keywords or synonymous keywords in the content
  • Keep your website’s UI and UX very easy
  • Provide the header tags in your content
  • Check the website’s state from time to time
  • Connect with related websites that also have the same content
  • Use alt+tag in your images
  • Use CTA and UTM in your content, etc.

To know more give a quick check to this article on ‘what should you consider to rank in Google‘.

Things to Consider Before Utilizing Content Marketing Strategies

Things To Consider Before Utilizing Content Marketing Strategies
Images Credit – Core DNA

Quality Content Marketing is like the chemistry between two factors – an effective strategy and great execution.

So, believing in content marketing and its benefits, we have put together a list of common mistakes that a marketer often makes. Let’s discuss the following mistakes by marketers:

01. Lots of Strategies But Not Execution

Content Marketing Tools
Lack of Execution

An effective strategy is like your master plan. For example, communicating to your target audience via forums, picking up knowledge, and distinguishing how you can tailor your correspondences to meet those groups of spectators’ needs. It means defining objectives to enable you to accomplish that goal.

Tactical execution is like the actions you will apply to reach those goals. This means settling on a strategic choice to dedicate an hour out of every day to be a functioning member of the Facebook groups.

02. Lack of Proper Content Planning

Unplanned Content
Unplanned Content

As a Content Marketer, you must take time to plan on ‘how your content should be’. Without a strategic plan, no one will gain what they cherish.

Making content only for a reason is like directionless marketing. Without perfect planning, you’re risking producing posts on random subjects at random times.

03. Being Irrelevant

Why Content Strategy should be Relevant
Irrelevant content

It’s another issue that a content marketer might do in content marketing. Because your audience is waiting to get something valuable from you. If you don’t provide them with much effective content, then all your efforts will go in vain.

So, you must give your audience the proper time to provide relevant content. Thus, it creates customer relationships with the company.

04. Poor Keyword Research

How poor keyword research destroys content strategy
Keyword research

If you want to rank well in Google, then you must choose or research the right keywords. But most marketers do the wrong thing when choosing a keyword for their website’s article. As a result, they fail to rank in Google.

They use generic keywords with volume instead of long-tail keywords. It’s another reason to fail in content marketing.

05. Writing Boring Headlines

Using Boring Headlines impacts blog content

Headlines are the most focused things for the users when they come to read. About 80% of the readers see headlines first and then enter the blog.

‘On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar’- David Ogilvy ,Advertising Man in 1963

So, you must know how to write catchy titles and taglines for your blog to grab the reader’s eye.

06. Not Promoting content

Why should you promote content
Benefits of promoting content

Promotion is a must-have process after finishing any content. Without promotion, you can not reach your potential customers. So, as a content marketer, you must know where to promote, which channels to choose, and when you should promote. So be careful when it’s about promoting content.

‘Stop Promoting Underperforming Content and Damaging Your Brand’- Social Baker

After all the discussion, you can assume that ‘how important these facts are’? Right? So consider these facts if you want to get 100% success in content marketing.

With our unplanned content, along with the bad design of your website, you’ll get negative impacts on your business.

Benefits of Content Marketing & SEO Optimization

Okay, let’s know why Content Marketing is important for business:

  • Builds Brand Value
  • Redefines influencers conversions
  • Boosts SEO efforts
  • Lead generation
  • Link building
  • Readers get educated themselves

These are the vital reasons why content marketing is important. Okay, let’s discuss this elaborately:

Builds Brand Value

How content marketing builds brand value
Images By Digital Dought hunt

When you spontaneously provide informative content to your customers, then brand reputation will rise automatically. So, all you have to do is provide customers with amazing and relevant content.

You must keep in mind that your customers or readers are smarter now. They want effectiveness and quality service. As a result, you as an owner, have to put emphasis on quality content marketing strategies. In this way, you can get a reputation by providing content to your customers.

Redefines Influencers Conversions

Content marketing strategies redefine influencers conversions
Influence conversation- Images by Life marketing

After getting a reputation, customers will connect to you. Then, communication can happen in various ways. When they are getting quality service from you, then a business conversation can be created through social media, blog commenting, direct calls, or email. Thus, it creates conversions.

Statistics say that after getting quality blogs or content, 61% of users in the USA make the decision to purchase. So it’s high time you should create quality content to help users take services with 100% reliability.

Boosts SEO Efforts

How content marketing boosts SEO score
Improve SEO

Google is now giving more priority to websites that have well-structured content. So it’s your main responsibility to provide quality content, thus, it creates value in Search Engine Ranking.

As Google bots become more strict, they penalize those who provide bad content on their website. So, be careful while creating content on your website.

Lead Generation

How content marketing improves lead generation
Generates Lead

The fundamental approach to the content marketing process is getting a business lead. While reading any post, people will engage through push mail, CTA, or any advertising ads; thus, you will get the leads. That means after getting any informative content on your blog; people will subscribe or set your website as a bookmark for the future.

Nowadays, you’ll find various conversion-tracking plugins to generate leads. In other words, WooCommerce Conversion tracking is one of them, and you can rely on it to collect and measure your customers’ data.

Using it, you can experience your existing ads to explore amazing facilities like their conduct, their locations, and what they are appreciating or neglecting. As a result, you can improve your service quality.

So, give a quick check on how conversion tracking works and how it can be helpful to generate leads for your WordPress site.

How content marketing improves link building
Helps to create links

There are many content marketing tools available on Google. You can utilize them for your business. But in this case, we’ll advise you to build links manually. Because it will not only increase brand quality but also help to create trust in the customer’s mind.

Global marketers do the same things. They always connect with their audience to know the market of their existing products. Thus, it creates links directly with the reader. So, it’s another undeniable benefit of content marketing.

Readers Get Educated

How content marketing makes readers educated
Helps to educate your audience

This is another important part of Content Marketing. If you have any existing products, then you must provide their tutorial to your users. But your content must be very informative, attractive, and full of resources. Therefore, your website will be very productive for them.

Companies who use eLearning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity

eLearning Infographics

That’s why content marketing is very helpful in terms of educating people. All you have to do is choose the perfect niche. And then provide your users with valid, relevant, unique, and informative content.

Above all, you may get the idea of ‘how important content marketing is?’ We have tried to show an overview of Content Marketing and its importance.

Read this article on the Lead generation process you should follow to boost your business.

Bonus: Content Marketing is now eased with the Happy Elementor Addons

How HappyAddons ease the content marketing process

As content is the only weapon for content marketers, it should be structured well. Readers will come to the blog if they don’t feel comfortable surfing your website, and that will create a bad impact on your business.

But there is some good news for content marketers. Because Happy Elementor Addon is now compatible with any type of WordPress website. You can create a header, footer, product layout, landing page, and also a full-fledged website. In other words, you can call Happy Elementor Addon the marketer’s life.

To get the whole idea, give a quick check on this article on how to design a full website using Happy Elementor Addons. As content marketing is now a trending fact, we consider the Happy Elementor Addon Plugin to be a must-have tool.

Final Verdicts

Every business entrepreneur is trying to be successful in the online platform. In that case, applying Content Marketing strategies to business can be very effective and time-reducing, as we mentioned earlier.

We tried to show every possible matter about content marketing and its output. It’ll help to know how it can facilitate when you acknowledge Content Marketing to your online business.

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