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How to Set Conditions to Display Templates (Pro)

Using Template Condition, you can set the template conditions that determine where your Template is used throughout your site. For example, choose ‘Entire Site’ to display the template across your site or any specific page or archive template conditions. It’s a premium feature.

Required Plugin:

  • Elementor Free
  • HappyAddons Free
  • HappyAddons Pro

How to use the Template Conditions

After finishing the editing of your template, when you will click the green publish button, you will get a popup like this.

m1GdMYnPVCdCCeFcCc1laO8ylLOhSTr3suhQSldlFQwS8a98qZWKRihr3TyaAstsFnAkis6tDPnxsUTt0wKeWt sYD7Ke2imINFptR

Or you can open this popup by following this method 👇

RQ5Gai98OyYpKChgovjM XCbU7LL

Now, set the condition as per your preference:

K8tNPNoF9xhLIz73tB3Ctc 7mIl5kGwP5i Fyp4 mo5mRBCJ4262g8BeByb42R6KnNXkLx9HsW PdgDA27UBuS5EBBN4kTqQXS7ohQCaceNh7RGiDYXcBsX5uhRrSKyor

For Free Users:

Free users can set the condition for the Entire site, All Singular, or All Archive pages. They are unable to set different conditions for different pages or archives. 


Actually, you will need our pro version to set nested conditions; otherwise, you can manage everything with the free options.

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