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Post Featured Image

How to Use Post Featured Image Widget

Drag and Drop the HappyAddons Post Feature Image widget to the Elementor Editing Panel. 

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With the Theme Builder of HappyAddons, you can set the Feature Image style and position for your single post page. You can set image size, and image alignment, and enable or disable the caption for the image. 

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To style the featured image, you can set the different sizes of the image, you will have control over the margin, padding, and border. 

There is a caption styling option available in this widget. You will be able to set Spacing, Color, and Typography.

Image Style: 

IOxzQpG6eZH8YhSVEyrIsFBCIIMarE8LTuTzBny2pQaUgvIHp oM2Hj5iE3 7i1yVoJSJjBeL2Z3QwewP rhkto 4DabaLssT2TM29XXjBg KFHl4uxolh Xy0F8ntbdQz7XhcgtlvgNENoT2oVV5Id NbyL73TJAYp3pPr Z22sY50A4M1fT13HHLSgHA

Caption style: 

NZ jTKvqCG1umtfLyXl4SRhUvZv4hzY3Iwm 4kQBnBa6dJmF1FtHxxtVGJMS7nsUhhGiViFBIZpK uilWTPEzjLaIqmjavp3jQLHfCaMzVT2 TwKQXky7rayMNjjXj yw1DSDd61fR8NweNX lh0fuZsmT8tiuJ4GRu5dopdiJrkbQeEtDksXnRaPeJYsA

These are the settings and options for the Feature Image widget. The final output of a post will be: 

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