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Post Navigation

 How to Use Post Navigation Widget

Drag and Drop the HappyAddons Post Navigation widget to the Elementor Editing Panel. 

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You can customize the Post Navigation as per your requirement. You will able to allow/disallow the label of the navigation, you can change the text of the label as well such as Next/Previous

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On the other hand, you can allow/disallow arrows for navigation. You can change the arrow type from our predefined navigation arrow list.

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Along with that, you can have control of the post title visibility, Border control, and the post list In the same term. 

In the same term: Indicates whether the next post must be within the same taxonomy term as the current post, this lets you set a taxonomy per each post type.

Post Navigation Style: 

You can design the Post Navigations Label, Title, Arrow, and Border. You will have the ability to change the colors and typography of each term. 

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For both the Normal and Hover function, these options are available by default.

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