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Site Logo

Drag and Drop the HappyAddons Site Logo widget to the Elementor Editing Panel. 

R8XC9UrF3P 5vhVPqNOZ aTiHaHw6 2tGBFDFQ QxK8JNosamEbUjB hDE iGB6b72l3wRN7gALu3huW5cEDRlHWiMHZMDhH2uS5 5zrooUCclloeoFjhOjnMo0 JyxHWUhG 33VSIVh

With the Theme Builder of HappyAddons, you can design your header for your entire site or specific pages as you want. 

You can either use the default site logo of your WordPress site or you can choose your custom logo. 

Custom Logo: 

emHHWSXLtb8XkeAcgCUPb3 xg60qKlw UlkYzfdLWIwqOBxL7V9fJPGBTC7urSlocdgl yI2aG9eELv8xe26 s6 mhQYS6W9Vj37g9KHHgS5wcZJRIyxz syW6ZQ IgME8eS

You can style some basic parts of your logo. For example, You can change the size of the logo, you can set a border, border color, radius, margin & padding as well. 

QxZTto0ziBENEMmW0iAiQs75eXZqGtObqJ8XV5 XrUTv7EN0m
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