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essential addons for elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor to Build and Customize Your WordPress Site

Now you can build your business website without hiring a developer indeed. Elementor Page Builder makes site development easy as pie with advanced functionalities. Unique yet essential addons for Elementor allow you to make instant page edits from the front end of your site.

Elementor itself is a feature-rich WordPress Page builder for designing professional sites. However, you can extend the customization options with Elementor addons. There are tons of potential add-ons available to evaluate your design skills to the next level.

Happy Elementor Addon is a comprehensive collection of powerful widgets to make your web design journey easier. It will help you to build stunning and super-fast WordPress sites.

In this article, we have discussed over 11 extraordinary add-ons or widgets of HappyAddons that are enough to make a highly configured professional website.

HappyAddons: Rich Collection of Essential Widgets & Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor

Now, people can develop their websites without writing a single line of code. Since they are participating in both business and designing sites at the same time. Hence, Elementor Page Builder and Essential Addons for Elementor make this happen concurrently.

HappyAddons got a huge response over the last three months and now has 10,000+ active installations. It offers 43+ free and premium widgets with advanced features. Also, you will find many advanced features like Preset, Cross-Domain Copy Paste, Floating Effect, and so on.

Let’s explore the essential widgets of HappyAddons that enhanced Elementor:

1. Card Widget

With the Card Widget, you can create powerful demonstrations of your product with a sleek design. This Happy addon widget helps you to showcase your product details, articles, news, and creative posts in a smart way. You can decorate the layout with beautiful texts, links, badges, and images as well.

Notable Things You Can Do With Card Widget:

  • Multi-color icon with border outline
  • Adjust the size and color of image icons
  • Icon background with a circular border
  • Various background color for the individual widget
  • Drop shadow with the white background color
  • Capsule or Fan shape card widget with image icon

These are the basic features of the Card Widget. You can extend the functionalities with a lot of variation. Check the documentation to decorate your product feature with the card widget.

2. Info Box Widget

With the Info Box Widget, you can create beautiful info boxes for your webpage. It’s a great way to present important information to your audience. Moreover, you can decorate the infoboxes with icons, images, texts, and many more options.

Notable Things You Can Do With Info Box Widget:

  • Multicolor icon with border outline
  • Icon background with a circular border
  • Offset for the icon box
  • Offset for icon box with 360-degree rotation
  • Different Background image for the individual widget

In addition, you can extend the design functions with different combinations. So, check the documentation to add an infobox on your site with the infobox widget.

3. Team Member

Team Member widget of HappyAddons allows you to showcase your employee’s profile. You can decorate the layout with different styles and effects. Also, you can add images, texts, and social links to this widget.

Notable Things You Can Do With Team Member Widget:

  • White background drop shadow 
  • White background with a team description
  • Circular member image with name, description and social link
  • Maximum radius in three corner 
  • Various shape info box with image icon

You can portray anything you can imagine, implying different styles and advanced attributes. Check the documentation to add the details of your team members with the Team Member widget.

Widgets like this one make HappyAddons one of the best Essential Addons for Elementor.

4. Slider Widget

Slider Widget of HappyAddons, allows you to create sliders on your site with customized navigation. You can also add beautiful effects and animation to the sliders. It will lift your site to the next level by attracting huge traffic.

Notable Things You Can Do With Slider Widget:

  • Dotted navigation
  • Vertical slider
  • Simple arrow navigation on both sides
  • A circular sliding arrow on both side

However, you can arrange the image and text in different ways by changing the style elements. Check the documentation to add an intuitive slider on your site with the Slider Widget.

5. Icon Box

Icon Box Widget gives you a simplified option to display short information along with an icon. You can represent your service name, product name, or others using this HappyAddons widget.

Notable Things You Can Do With Icon Box Widget:

  • Outline box with white background
  • Gradient background-color
  • Use of image as a background
  • Borderless background with different content color
  • Multicolor badge with high-level customization
  • Multicolor badge with offset customization

Well, there is no limitation with HappyAddons. It has become one of the essential addons for Elementor.

Therefore, you can personalize your Icon Box with different effects and advanced features. Now, check the documentation to showcase powerful display features with the Icon Box.

6. Pricing Table

With the Pricing Table Widget of HappyAddons, you can create an interactive pricing table easily. An attractive Pricing Table will influence your audience to make a final decision. Therefore, you can use this widget to represent different services and packages with their prices.

Notable Things You Can Do With Pricing Table Widget:

  • Colorful badge for recommended item
  • Gradient Background
  • Special effect for recommended table
  • SVG Image Header
  • Different heights, color, and styles

There are endless options to customize each item. Check the documentation to display the cost of your service or packages with the Pricing Table.

7. Animated Text

The Animated Text widget allows you to create an eye-catchy transition effect. With this happyAddons widget, you can decorate the static text of your site with attractive motion.

Also, you will get a lot of customization options to decorate the animated text. You can add effects like Fade, Spin, Expand, Bounce, and others. Moreover, it will give a stunning look to your site. Furthermore, you can magnetize your traffic with especially animated text.

Animated text is a great way to convey any important information. Check the documentation to make your site more appealing with the Animated Text.

Widgets like animated text make HappyAddons one of the topmost Essential Addons for Elementor.

8. Advanced Heading

Advanced Heading Widget lets you create page headings with powerful features. Therefore, you can give your website an attractive look using this Happy Add-ons widget.

Also, you can customize the heading, adding different effects and modifying other attributes. Check the documentation to add an attractive heading to your site with the Advanced heading.

9. Instagram Feed

The Instagram Feed widget fetches posts from your Instagram account and displays the images in a grid view on your website. Here, you can design the layout with tons of style elements.

You can define how to display the images with different effects. Also, you can add a hover effect, react button, comment box, border style, text, logo, links, and many more things. Moreover, you can extend the feature by modifying the border radius, image size, color, etc.

Furthermore, you can imply thousands of combinations to make your design unique. However, It’s a pro feature of HappyAddons. Check the documentation to add an attractive heading to your site with the Advanced heading.

Widgets like this one make HappyAddons one of the best Essential Addons for Elementor.

10. Feature List

Feature List Widget is a pro feature of Happy Elementor Addons. You can sequentially make your product list with this widget. If you are running an eCommerce business with a WordPress platform, this widget will benefit you.

Notable Things You Can Do With Feature List Widget:

  • Different layouts and listing order
  • Stylist symbol for listing
  • Symbol with background-color
  • Use image as a bullet point

Now, check the documentation to create an attractive list presentation with a Feature List.

Testimonial Carousel allows you to create an amazing customer testimonial section for your Elementor site. As you know, customer reviews play an important role in gaining audience trust. It’s a pro feature of HappyAddons.

So, you can add an interactive customer review panel with this powerful widget. It will let you customize the layout with different types of effects and display methods.

This amazing feature makes HappyAddons one of the top Essential Addons for Elementor. Check the documentation to add a review section with the client’s image on your site.

Essential Addons for Elementor- Which One to Choose

You can extend the functionality and features of your Elementor site with third-party Elementor Add-ons. HappyAddons is one of the Essential Addons for Elementor. Therefore, you can give your site a new height with this plugin.

This powerful addon has 43 advanced widgets to make beautiful sites. So, you can build any type of professional and highly functional website with HappyAddons. Thus, it may include an eCommerce business, beauty shop, digital agency, photography website, or anything you can imagine.

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