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Advanced Heading

How to Use the Advanced Heading Widget of Happy Elementor Addons Pro

With the new Advanced Heading Widget of Happy Elementor Addons Pro, you can give your webpage a more sleek look with stylish headings. You can add effects to maximize the outlook of your webpage.

Using Advanced Heading Widget

Step 1:

Select the advanced heading widget from the menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen then drag and drop it in the selected area.

ss1 20

Step 2:

ss2 19

In the ‘Content‘ section, you will find options to edit your heading. You can add before the text, center text, after text. If you want you can add a background text also. You can align the heading left, right, center. You can choose the layout between inline and blocks.

Step 3:

ss3 20

In the ‘Style‘ section, you will get options to design ‘Before Text’, ‘After Text’, ‘Center Text’, ‘Border’, ‘Background Text’.

ss5 20

In ‘Before Text‘, you can add padding, space, border, text-shadow, text color which can be classic or gradient. You can choose the type between linear and radial. There are various positions to choose from to set yours before text. Also, you have various options to set your blend mode.

With typography, you can choose the font family, size, weight, decoration, line-height, letter-spacing for your text.

ss4 21

You will get the same options as ‘Before Text‘ to design your ‘Center Text‘ as well. Just let your imagination play.

ss6 19
ss7 19

The same can be said about ‘After Text‘ also. The same options to design it.

To set a ‘Border‘ around the whole text, you can choose from border type, length, width, color, border-radius as well. There is an option to use offset as well.

ss8 15

If you want to add a ‘Background Text‘, you have to enable the background text option from ‘Content‘. Then you can add color, choose text type with typography and use offset as well.

ss9 14

Step 4:

If you want to add motion effects, Happy Effectsbackground or make it responsive and more intriguing, click on ‘Advanced‘ to explore those options. the ‘Advanced‘ is a default feature of Elementor. Give a read to this Document to know more about Advanced features and its uses.

ss10 11

Finally, after clicking the publish button you will see your beautiful header on your webpage.

ss11 8

That’s it!

Here is a quick overview.

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