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Top Elementor Addons Compared With WP Hive

Elementor has become one of the top WordPress page builders with over 5 million active installations. And by adding some top Elementor addons you can take your design up a notch.

However, there are quite a few Elementor addons in the market right now. Each of them better than others in their own right. But, you only need one to design your dream website.

So which one are you going to choose?

In this blog, we are going to create a list and compare 4 best possible Elementor addons. But rather than using any traditional methods, we get something unique for you today.

Here we compare them based on their technical aspects using a new WordPress repository called WP Hive.

Let’s unfold the mystery-

What WP Hive is all about?

Well, you may have heard the news about the new upgraded version of the WordPress repository WP Hive. It is a platform where you have the opportunity to not only discover or download a plugin but also-

  • Get an in-depth review of the plugin
  • See the test results based on different performance metrics
  • Compare plugins to see which one is best

So, we are going to use the compare feature of WP Hive to find out the top Elementor addons. Basically, WP Hive compares two plugins based on their memory usage, page speed, resource errors, database errors, and more.

Before comparison, let us list the top 4 Elementor addons, shall we?

Introducing Top 4 Elementor Addons

One of the significant points of Elementor is that it is extendable. It can accommodate countless addons. These add-ons add to its functionalities providing extra widgets, features, and more.

There are many Elementor addons out there. Among them we have listed the top 4:

  1. HappyAddons
  2. Premium Addons
  3. Livemesh Addons
  4. AnyWhere Elementor

HappyAddons – Slick and Customizable Widget Collection

Happy Addons elementor addons

This Elementor addon has created quite a buzz right after it’s release. It provides unique custom designs and flexibility to its users. Now with over 70000+ active installation, it has all the functionalities to create any type of professional website.

HappyAddons has 60+ freemium widgets and 10+ features including cross-domain copy-paste, live copy-paste, floating effects, and more.

Recently this addon has introduced Happy Templates and blocks that are sure to make the experience of designing a website more fun.

And with new widgets and features in the pipeline, it is sure to become one of the most popular Elementor addons to date.

Premium Addons- Large Collection of Elementor Widgets

Premium elementor addons

The Premium Addons is another top-quality addon for Elementor. It has 50+ highly customizable widgets that will give you enough ability to build a professional website without any coding skills.

Also, it offers more customization options than any other addon. You have the option to enable the elements you are using and disable the rest for faster performance. The addon is fully responsive and cross-browser ready.

Livemesh Addons for Elementor Page Builder

Livemesh elementor addons

Livemesh Addons comes with a huge collection of advanced, easy-to-use, and highly functional extensions for Elementor page builder. It has 25+ elements but doesn’t offer any ready blocks.

This plugin offers all the options to build a professional website with 100+ demo sections, twitter grid, responsive tabs, an image slider, an image gallery, and more.

AnyWhere Elementor- Rich Collection of Ready Templates

Anywhere Elementor Addons

AnyWhere Elementor is a powerful Elementor addon. You can insert Elementor pages, library templates, and global templates wherever you want, just using shortcodes.

Its special functionality allows you to change in one place and reflect everywhere so that you can get the beautiful experience of creating a traditional website. And you can manage your website content by just using the drag-and-drop ability.

Well, we have introduced you to all the addons, next move on to the comparison phase.

Comparing Top Elementor Addons to Get the Suitable One for You

As we have already mentioned, this comparison is slightly different than other comparisons. We are not going to count which addon has more widgets or features and which addon has a feature that the others don’t have.

We are going to let the WP Hive system decide. It generates a series of results while comparing two plugins side by side and, at the end of each test, declares a winner.

First, go to There, on top of the menu, you will find an option called Compare.

compare plugins for best free wordpress seo plugins top elementor addons

Next, you need to put the names of the plugins you want to compare.

We are going to compare the plugins in three criteria:

  1. Memory Usage
  2. Page Speed
  3. Other aspects

HappyAddons vs Premium Addons

We are going to start by comparing HappyAddons and Premium Addons.

Memory Usage

HappyAddons uses 14.22KB of memory, whereas Premium Addons uses 178.57KB. Which is way higher compared to HappyAddons. So, obviously, the clear winner is HappyAddons.

memory usage happy addons

Page Speed

The average loading time for websites designed with HappyAddons is a mere -0.06s and Premium Addons takes +0.02s.

page time havspr

Other Criteria’s

Both of these plugins perform the same when it comes to JavaScript, database errors, PHP compatibility, and more.

other criteria havspr

So, we can say between HappyAddons and Premium Addons, clearly, HappyAddons rules over Premium addons.

HappyAddons vs Livemesh Addons

Now, let’s compare HappyAddons and Livemesh Addons.

Memory Usage

HappyAddons uses 14.22KB memory. But Livemesh Addons uses 721.48KB. Which is higher compared to HappyAddons. So, obviously, the clear winner is HappyAddons.

memory usage havslive

Page Speed

The average loading time for websites designed with HappyAddons is a mere -0.06s, and Livemesh Addons takes +0.07s.

page speed havslive

Other Criteria’s

Livemesh Addons have more impact on memory usage than HappyAddons. Also, its overall ratings are lower than HappyAddons.

other criteria havslive

HappyAddons vs AnyWhere Elementor

So, next in the comparison list to decide the top Elementor addons are HappyAddons and AnyWhere Elementor.

Memory Usage

HappyAddons uses 14.22KB memory. But AnyWhere Elementor uses 4.69KB. That is better than HappyAddons.

memoery usage havselement

Page Speed

The average loading time of HappyAddons is a mere -0.06s, and AnyWhere Elementor takes +0.04s.

page speed havselement

Other Criteria’s

Both of these plugins perform the same when it comes to JavaScript, database errors, PHP compatibility, and more.

Other criteria havselement

All in all, we can say Happy Elementor Addons triumphs over all the other three addons concerning these technical sides.

Premium Addons vs Livemesh Addons

So far, we have compared with Happy Elementor Addons. Now, let’s see how these add-ons compare with each other. Let’s start with Livemesh Addons and Premium Addons.

Memory Usage

The average memory usage for Premium Addons is 178.57KB, and for Livemesh Addons, it is 721.48KB.

Memory Usage prevslivemsh

Page Speed

The average loading time of Premium Addons is +0.02 seconds, and Livemesh takes +0.07 seconds.

page speed prvslivemesh

Other Criteria’s

Other Criteria prvslivemesh

So, here the clear winner is Premium Addons.

Premium Addons vs AnyWhere Elementor

Now, let’s compare Premium Addons with AnyWhere Elementor.

Memory Usage

AnyWhere Elementor only takes 4.69KB of memory to compare to Premium Addon’s 178.57KB.

Memory usage prvselement

Page Speed

In terms of page speed, the loading time of both the plugins is quite close. AnyWhere Elementor stands at +0.04s, Premium Addons +0.02s.

Screenshot 5

Other Criteria’s

other criteria's prevselement

AnyWhere Elementor vs Livemesh

Now, our last combination is to find out the top Elementor addons. AnyWhere Elementor vs Livemesh.

Memory Usage

AnyWhere Elementor beats Livemesh Addons by a huge margin with the first’s memory usage is only 4.69KB to the latter’s 721.57KB.

Memory usage livvselement

Page Speed

The AnyWhere Elementor addons average loading time is +0.04s whereas Livemesh Addon’s loading time is +0.02s.

page speed livvselement

Other Criteria’s

Screenshot 9

Comparing Top Elementor Addons: Result Summary

So, after comparing all the top Elementor addons, the result we get as below:

ComparisonPage SpeedMemory Usage
HappyAddons vs Premium AddonsHappyAddonsHappyAddons
HappyAddons vs Livemesh AddonsHappyAddonsHappyAddons
HappyAddons vs AnyWhere ElementorHappyAddonsAnyWhere Elementor
PremiumAddons vs Livemesh AddonsPremium AddonsPremium Addons
PremiumAddons vs AnyWhere ElementorPremium AddonsAnyWhere Elementor
AnyWhere Elementor vs Livemesh AddonsLivemesh AddonsAnyWhere Elementor

So, as we can clearly see HappyAddons prevails in terms of technicality over the other Elementor addons.


Elementor has forced people to think more about page builders than before. Easy to use, simple interface, and huge functionality makes Elementor the best WordPress Page Builder with a huge range of satisfied clients. 

Moreover, by getting some amazing add-ons, you will become a professional website builder in no time. It will make your hands stronger with unlimited designing and customization options.

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