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Best Addons for Elementor to Create and Customize Your Website

Gone are the days when people had to code in HTML, CSS, and PHP for hours and days in order to make an attractive website. Elementor made a revolutionary change in the world of website design. Moreover, some extraordinary add-ons have massively boosted Elementor. Addons like HappyAddons is one of the best addons for Elementor.

Happy Elementor Addons is a powerhouse of interactive, super sast and scalable design System

Happyaddons has created a storm in the Elmentor community right after its release. People can’t stop talking about it. Having said that, they have some powerful widgets to extend your design to a new level.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about some of the powerful widgets of Happy Elementor Addons.

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Happy Addons: The Best Addons For Elementor

Right after its release, Happy Addons has created a strong buzz. It has over 50+ widgets. As a result, it has got rave reviews from the Elementor community. After that, it now has 10,000+ active installations.

For instance, it has unique features like Preset, Cross-Domain Copy Paste, Floating effect, and many more. This is why it has become your ultimate addons for Elementor.

Let’s look at some of the ultimate widgets of Happy Addons that made website design more intriguing.

  1. Flip Box
  2. Logo Carousel
  3. Timeline
  4. Review Widget
  5. Scrolling Image
  6. Logo Grid
  7. Team Carousel
  8. Dual Button
  9. Business Hour
  10. List Group

Flip Box

Flip box is a kind widget of Happy Addons. You can create amazing designs for your products and demonstrate them on your websites. And with premade designs, you don’t have to spend much time thinking.

Ultimade Addons for Elementor_Flip Box

You will get features like,

  1. 4 types of flip direction
  2. Options between classic or 3D animation
  3. Premade designs in Preset
  4. You can upload an icon or image
  5. Option to add button on the backside of the flip box
  6. You can use Happy Effects.

These are only the basic featured features of the flip box. The only limit is your imagination. You can use your imagination to explore the various functionalities of this widget.

Showcase your logo with the amazing Logo Carousel widget of Happy Addons. The designs will make your website look classy and stand out from the rest.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor_Logo carousel

You will get features like,

  1. You can add a logo with the brand name
  2. Different image size
  3. Autoplay option
  4. Infinite Loop
  5. Premade designs in Preset
  6. And Happy Effects.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Use your imagination to explore more widget functions and give your website a stylish look.


Timeline is another flagship widget of Happy Addons. With this widget, you can easily show your or your company’s journey and make it look sleek and out of the world.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor_-imeline

You will get features like,

  1. Multi-color icons with border outline
  2. You can upload an image on top of the title
  3. You can show the time and date of both
  4. Customized button
  5. Premade designs in Preset
  6. Different height, color, and style

You can portray your journey or the origin of your products stylishly with the Timeline widget. Imagination is the limit.

Review Widget

If someone visits your blog or website, they tend to have an opinion. Those opinions should be viewed on your website. Do that stylishly with the Review widget of Happy addons.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor_Review

You will get features like,

  1. Add ratings for the reviewer
  2. Ratings can be number or stars
  3. Add an image of the reviewer
  4. Box shadow feature
  5. Premade designs in Preset
  6. Also, you can use Happy Effects.

You can style your website using the Review widget by varying the style elements. Therefore, you can see why Happy Addons is the go-to addon for the Elementor plugin.

Scrolling Image

Scrolling Image widget gives you more options to view your products with more class. You can use this widget to make your products more attractive and eye-catching.

scrolling Image

You can get features like,

  1. Adding unlimited images
  2. Different slide style
  3. Slide speed to your liking
  4. Readymade designs

No, that’s not all. You can expand your design by editing the style section. You can add Happy Effects floating effects to your design.

Logo Grid

Earlier, we discussed ‘Logo Carousel’ well, Happy Addons has another logo widget Logo Grid. What is different? You can add more diversity to your website using this widget. Also, this widget is not animated.

Logo Grid- Ultimate Addons for Elementor

You can also have features like,

  1. Add a different brand name for different products
  2. Different grid layouts
  3. Add different background-color
  4. Preset option is available for this widget.

You can see how much variety is available to you for designing your website using the widgets of Happy Addons.

With the Team Carousel widget of Happy Addons, you can showcase your team members to the world with more class and style.

Team Carousel- Ultimate Addons for Elementor

You will get features like,

  1. You can add animation
  2. A feature like an infinite loop
  3. Autoplay option
  4. Readymade designs
  5. Happy Effects.

As you can see why HappyAddons is the ultimate addons for the Elementor Pro plugin. You can customize your website to your imagination.

Dual Button

A button is important to attract readers and also to create links attractively. With the Happy Addons Dual Button widget, you can easily create stylish and classy buttons for your website.

You have features like,

  1. Upload an icon or text as a connector
  2. Layout options between stack and queue
  3. SVG Image Header
  4. You can add Box shadow
  5. Preset

As you can see, you have all the tools you need to design a perfect website suited to your topic and business.

Business Hour

If you are selling your products, people need to buy them. And to buy your products they need to know when you are open for business. With the Business Hour widget of Happy Addons, you can view the timing of your business on your website with more class.

Business Hour Happy Addons

Features available to you,

  1. Individual Style for everyday
  2. Gradient background
  3. Options to align everything
  4. Typography for title
  5. Preset.

You can showcase your working hours to your users with style and attract more users to your website using this widget of Happy Addons

10. List Group

Whether you have various products or software, you can list them with more style and customization using the List Group widget of Happy Addons.

list-group-happy-addons- Ultimate Addons for Elementor

You will find features like,

  1. You can upload icon, number, image
  2. SVG Image Header
  3. Custom look
  4. Comfy and compact list mode
  5. Preset

You can see that Happy Addons is the ultimate go-to addon of the Elementor plugin. You can create a full-fledged website using these unique widgets.

Giving A Try to The Best Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons is the ultimate widget library of Elementor that will take website design to the next level. With over 10000+ active installations in less than one month, it has become the go-to addon for users.

It has over 40+ free and premium widgets and features like presets cross-domain copy-paste, and column order that have created quite a storm in the Elementor community.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Happy Addon and start creating a beautiful website for yourself and your company.

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