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How to Use Preset of Happy Elementor Addons

We are introducing a new premium feature for Happy Elementor Addons called ‘Preset‘. With preset, you will get pre-made designs to add to your widgets to make them more stylish and sleek. It will save your tome and you will find that with the perfect preset design you can make your widget more stylish than before.

HappyAddons Preset:

HappyAddons preset is a pre-designed layout or style for a particular widget that can be easily applied to your website design.

Presets allow you to quickly create a professional-looking website by providing you with a range of customizable design options that you can apply to your widgets. These design options include font styles, colors, spacing, and other visual elements that can be easily adjusted to match your website’s overall style and branding.

HappyAddons comes with a library of presets that you can use to speed up your website design process.


Here are the required plugins to use our Presets –

  • Elementor Free
  • HappyAddons Free and Pro 

Elementor preset feature is available in our HappyAddons Pro. You will get the “Preset” options for almost 90+ HappyAddons widgets with 650+ presets. You will get presets for both Free and Premium widgets.

How to use HappyAddons Preset:

Presets can be accessed through the Elementor panel by clicking the widget and selecting the ‘Content’ tab. You will get a new option named ‘Presets‘. There you will find the ‘Design’ option. Just select the design and see the magic happen. 

image 3

You can reset the preset design to the default one. You will find the reset icon next to the Design.

image 2

Limitations of HappyAddons presets:

The presets will provide only CSS styles and not data. This means that widgets such as Bar charts, Line charts, Pie & Doughnut charts, Polar Area charts, and Radar Charts, which require data to display properly, may not be displayed correctly until you add data to them.

Additionally, other widgets that require data to be appropriately displayed, such as Data Table, Advanced-Data Table, Table of Contents, and so on, may also be affected by the limitations of HappyAddons presets.

It is important to ensure that all necessary data is added to the widgets in order to achieve the desired display results.

Sometimes, you might need to change settings in order to display the preset. For example, the doughnut chart legend position in the preset preview might look different like the image below:

image 1

As per the above image, you can see in the doughnut charts preview, Legends are appearing horizontally but not in the editor. You need to change the position settings from right to bottom in order to match the preset view.


You can check the overall process of the Preset Feature from the below video:

Available widget list for Presets:

Widget NameNumber of PresetsPreview Status
Advanced Accordion9
Advanced-Data table4No Preview
Advanced Heading14
Advanced Slider8
Advanced Tab13
Animated Text10
Author List5
Bar Chart4
Business Hour10
Caldera Forms4
Contact Form 74
Content Switcher5
Data Table7
Dual Button7
EDD Category Grid Widget2
EDD Product Carousel Widget2
EDD Product Grid Widget2
EDD Single Product Widget3
Event Calendar4
Feature List11
Flip Box9
WP Fluent Forms6No Preview
Fun Factor8
Gradient Heading5
Gravity Forms3No Preview
Horizontal TimeLine6
Hot Spot6
Hover Box7
Icon Box11
Image Accordion5
Image Compare5
Image Grid5
Image Hover Effect17
Image Stack Group11
Info Box12
Instagram Feed9
Line Chart5
Animated Link15
List Group10
Logo Carousel8
Logo Grid6
Mailchimp Widget11No Preview
Team Member10
News Ticker11
Ninja Forms3
Pie & Doughnut Chart2
Polar Area Chart2
Post Carousel10
Post Grid9
Post List12
Post Tab6
Post Tiles12
Price Menu10
Pricing Table11
WooCommerce Product Carousel3
WooCommerce Product Category Carousel3
WooCommerce Product Category Grid6
WooCommerce Product Grid4
Promo Box9
Radar Chart2
Scrolling Image8
WooCommerce Single Product7
Skill Bars4
Smart Post List10
Social Icon13
Social Share14
Step Flow7
Sticky Video4
Taxonomy List7
Team Carousel12
Testimonial Carousel13
Advanced Toggle11No Preview
Twitter Feed Carousel8
Twitter Feed8
Unfold Widget8
WooCommerce Mini Cart1No Preview
WooCommerce Checkout1No Preview
WPforms4No Preview

That’s it!

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