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HappyAddons recent updates

New Updates of Happy Addons 2023 (The Recent Releases)

Happy Addons has never been hesitated to bring new and revolutionary features and widgets for its users. The new updates of Happy Addons are nothing less. Apart from some fixes and improvements, this time we have brought some completely new features & widgets for both free and pro versions.

Undoubtedly, Elementor was a massive invention for website designers. Just imagine, you didn’t need to do any coding while building a rich website. However, in order to give a sleek look to your website, you may use Happy Addons, the ultimate companion to Elementor.

That is why we release updates and launch new features on a regular basis to make your Elementor website building experience smooth.

So, today we are going to talk about the recent free & pro updates of Happy Addons, also see what new features await the designers.

What’s New in Happy Addons ( Features & Widgets)

Last time we talked about only the pro updates. However, we have included free updates as well this time.

We are going to talk about,

  • Self Hosted Live Copy Paste (Pro feature)
  • WPML Support (Free)
  • Post Tab Widget(Free)
  • Post List Widget (Free)

Let’s give you some ideas about these new updates.

Self Hosted Live Copy Paste- Main Attraction in the New Updates of Happy Addons

The pro version 1.6.0 saw the addition of Self Hosted Live Copy Paste. You probably know about the premium feature live copy-paste. This feature allows a user to copy a section from the demo site of Happy Addons and paste it on their website.

Preview new updates of happy addons

However, this new feature is the upgrade version. Now, whenever users create a new design using any section on their website, they can add the live copy-paste option to that section.

That means if you design a website using Happy Addons then you can add the Live Copy & Paste feature for any of your sections. You don’t need to rely on the designs of the Happy Addons demo site.

WPML Support on Happy Addons Free Version

Happy Addons has introduced the support of the WPML Multilingual CMS tool for the free version. It is another exclusive addition to HappyAddons.

If you follow the WordPress community, then you may know WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them


Therefore, users can create beautiful websites with Elementor + Happy Addons free and have the opportunity to translate your site to any language with ease.

Post Tab Widget

This is a new widget that has been introduced in the free version 2.8.0. The Post Tab widget will let the user build attractive and informative tabs on their website. That way they can showcase important information in the most stylish and unique way.

Post List Widget

The Post List Widget will help you list the crucial part of your websites with links. You know we can’t show everything on the first page of any website as it is the introductory page.

However, the Post List widget will help you solve this problem. You can create a list with relevant links that will help your users navigate the major parts of your website.

So, these are the features and widgets that have been added in the recent updates of Happy Addons. Besides, there are also some improvements and fixes added so that users will get the best performance while designing their website using Happy Addons in both the pro and free versions.

Now that you know about the new updates, let us tell you how you can utilize them in the right way.

Utilizing The New Updates of Happy Addons for Your Website

It’s human nature to be hesitant while trying something new. In many cases, they don’t know how to use it because they lack proper guidance. We told you about the features and how they work, but if you don’t know where to use them or how to utilize them then you will be missing out.

So, let us tell you how you can use these new features to your advantage.

Self Hosted Live Copy Paste- Create Template Library like Marketplace

If you want to earn money quickly then eCommerce marketplaces are the way to go. A multivendor Plugin like Dokan will help you create your dream marketplace. But how about a Template Library marketplace? Sounds interesting!

new updates of Happy Addons

You can do exactly that using the new Self Hosted Live Copy Paste feature. As it gives you the power to add this feature on any section on your own Elementor website. You can easily design your own exclusive templates and create a marketplace.

So, the users can come to your marketplace, easily copy the templates using the live copy-paste feature, and use it on their own website. Moreover, you can create templates to use them on your client’s website to save time.

Remember, you and the user both need to have Happy Addons Pro installed on both websites.

WPML Support- Translate Your Website to Any Language With This New Update

There are nearly 7000+ languages in the whole world. So, we don’t need to tell you about the importance of having a multilingual website. Using the WPML support of Happy Addons free version, the users can easily translate their Elementor website to any language they like.

Sri Sharma, Net Media Planet’s Managing Director, stated that on average their clients witnessed a 20% increase in conversion when landing pages translated in the local language

Post-Tab & Post List Widget- Make Boring Information Interesting

Do you know the descriptions or pieces of information that the website flaunts with long paragraphs that we like to skip? Or, you are overwhelmed with too much information on one page? Well, those might be crucial information the site owners trying to convey to us.

However, it’s failing because they are not making the design interesting enough to read or to find.

The Post List and the Post Tab both solve these problems.

You can divide the long piece of information into short posts using the Post Tab widget and add stylishly to your website. That way, the readers will be encouraged to at least have a look.

post tab

Instead of jamming all the information on one page, why not create a list using the Post List widget, with relevant titles, and add the proper link for that page to it. That way the page will look clean and at the same time, users will be able to navigate easily.

post list new updates of happy addons

Looking Back, How We Became a Proud Family of 40,000+ Members


Happy Addons is the ultimate addon for Elementor. With its 50+ widget and 10+ free and premium features, it has enabled people to give their website the professional look they desire.

Recently Happy Addons crossed the 40,000+ active installations milestone

This is a huge achievement, considering it was released only a few months ago. But the journey was not so smooth. There are many Elementor addons in the market. Therefore, to stand out we needed to do something out of the box.

That is why we came up with some of the most amazing widgets and features for both the free and pro version that created quite the buzz. Among those features like,

  • Floating Effect ( you can create stunning animations for any Elementor widget )
  • Cross-Domain Copy Paste (copy any design from another domain)
  • On-Demand Asset Loading
  • Image masking (Give your image a new look)

And widgets like,

  • Logo Carousel
  • Image Compare
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Pricing Table
  • Promo Box
  • Advanced Heading
  • List Group
  • Advanced Tab
  • Scrolling Image
  • Source Code
  • Business Hour
  • Instagram Feed
  • Post Tab & Widget

Are noteworthy. No wonder it has got 5-star ratings from the users.

These widgets and features have made Happy Addons one of the biggest providers to the rich Elementor community. Now the recent new updates of Happy Addons is sure to add more finesse and style to website designing.

Ending Note

It used to take a set of developers to create even a moderate webpage. But now? people are creating awesome websites that are both rich and attractive. That’s the revolutionary change Elementor + Happy Addons has brought.

So, if you want to create a website for yourself but don’t know any coding don’t worry. Elementor and Happy Addons got you covered.

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