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How to Install Happy Elementor Addons

Like the other WordPress Plugin, you can easily install and activate our Happy Elementor Addons from the WordPress Plugin Directory. But make sure before activating the Happy Addons Plugin you need to active the Elementor Page Builder Plugin first. To install the Happy Addons for Elementor follow the bellow steps,

Step 01:

Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add New.

Then in the search box type these keywords “happy addons” and click the install button.

Installing Happy Addons

Step 02:

After successful installation, you have to click the “activate” button to activate the happy addons for elementor.

Activate Happy Addons for elementor

Step 03:

When you activate our Happy Addons for Elementor you will redirect to our HappyAddons Dashboard Home Tab.


HappyAddons Dashboard

We have launched an intuitive and lucrative dashboard for you. In the dashboard you will get three-tab, Home, Widget and Get Premium.

Home Tab

In the home tab of the HappyAddons, you will get all the relevant information and resource links. Such as you will find the Knowledge & Wiki Page link. From this link, you will find the necessary documentation section. Along with that, you will get the video tutorial links, official support channel links, FAQ section, New feature request section and many more.

Dashboard Home Tab

Widget Tab

You will find a widget tab in our Happy Addons Dashboard. Here we have introduced the single widget activate or deactivate functionality along with bulk activation and deactivation facility. You can distinguish our free and pro widgets with the filtering options.

Please make sure after activating or deactivating any widgets or bulk activation or deactivation process you have to click the save changes button to save your settings. 

Dashboard Widget Tab

Get Pro Tab

You will find a Get Pro tab in our dashboard. Where you get the information on what you will get in our premium version.

Get Pro tab

Features in Happy Addons Menu

On the menu, you will get a feature which is “Renew All The Cache“.

As our Happy Addons for Elementor comes with on-demand asset loading feature so that only those elements will be loaded which are being used while creating the particular page. If you are facing a problem while creating the design means your creation does not appear appropriately then you have to Purge(Clean) all the cache. It’s mainly clean the on-demand asset loading caches. Or you can clear a particular page’s cache by clicking on the tab on the “Renew All Cache“. It’s only clear the cache on that page.

Cache Purging Tool

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