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News Ticker

How to use the News Ticker Widget of Happy Addons

With the News Ticker widget, you can easily attract your user to read your latest news as well as you can show the latest content frequently at any position of your website.

Use of the News Ticker Widget

First of all, you have to drag the widget from our Happy Addons widgets library. After dragging the widget to a section there will open the widget editing pannel. From the content settings area, you can give the name of your sticky section. You have the facility to choose the side of your sticky badge with the sticky title position setting. With the help of the content section menu, you can choose your desired contents to be displayed. By using the slide direction you can choose the direction of your content floating directions. You can control the time duration between your two news or contents. And you can control the speed of your content speed ratio.

News Ticker Widget

Here is a video tutorial for you,

That’s it.

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