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Happy Clone

How to Use Happy Clone Feature of Happy ELementor Addons

You can duplicate or clone any page or post of Elementor with the Happy Clone feature very smartly. As we have integrated cloning functionality with the Elementor Finder.


You just need Happy Elementor Addons Free Version.

Use of Happy Clone Feature

You can use the Happy Clone feature in two ways.


From the admin panel of your website you can if you click the CMD/CTRL + E then the Elemetor finder will be opened. Just search your desired contents from there and you will find an option in every of Happy Clone search results. Now click the button and your selected page will be duplicated immediately. And the editing panel of the newly cloned content will open in a new tab.


You can duplicate your page or post from the pages or post list of your backend. You will get a button of Happy Clone on every page or post. By clicking the button you can duplicate your contents.

Watch out the video tutorial:

That’s it.

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