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Display Condition

How to Use Display Condition feature of Happy Addons

The display condition is a unique feature that helps you to display any content as per your needs. You can add several conditions to display content. You can schedule any widget, section, column. Even though you can add a condition to any Elementor widgets along with any third-party addons.


To avail of the Display Conditional feature, you need to purchase Happy Elementor Addons Pro.

Side Note: The Display Condition is a global feature. It works with all widgets(along with all the third-party addons widgets), section and column. Available inside our Advanced Tab Widget.

Using Display Conditional Feature

You can find the feature please navigate here:

Edit any section > Advanced Tab> Happy Feature> Display Condition

conditional Display

Set Conditional Display Based on Operating System

Have the flexibility to display based on the Operating System. If you want to display the content to any specific operating system then you imply this conditional rule.

condition as per Operating System

Currently, you can choose any Operating system. Here is a list of the operating systems which you can choose.

Name of Operating System

Set Conditional Display Based on Logged in Status

You can set the condition for login user or not login users.

Login Stutus

If you want to set conditional display that who are not log in then you have to follow this,

Condition> Login Status> Is not> Logged in

For the logged-in users you have to set the rule like this:

Condition> Login Status> Is > Logged in


Set your conditional rule based on your website’s user role

Manage your design based on your website’s user role.

conditional display user role settings

To set the rule you have to follow this direction,

Condition> User Role> Is > (Subscriber)

Here is also another condition to set an exception. That if you want to don’t display the content except for any specific user base then you have to set this rule,

Condition> User Role> Is not > (Subscriber)

And then the rest of the users can see the post except the subscribers.

All the user roles of your site will be available in this section.

Set Conditional Display Based on Specific Time

If you are want to display content based on a specific time then you can try this feature. Have the flexibility to set the time 12Hr time format.

The design will be displayed on the basis of the visitor’s device local time.

Time condition

Condition> Time> Is  > (11:53 am)

If you want to hide the design after a specific time then you have to set another rule.

Condition> Time> is not> (12:00 pm)

Then the content will hide after 12:00 pm.

conditional time display

Display Content Based on Specific Date

Now you have the facility to display your content based on a specific date.

Set the rule>

Condition> Date> is > (29/02/2020)conditional display

You have the flexibility to set your own display condition to display your content. You can apply various rules as per your needs.

AB test before finalizing the rule.

Enhancement for Time Zone:

Now you can display your content as per your server time. Previously you have the only way to display your contents based on the visitor local time. But in this version, we have added server time. The server time means, in your WP-Admin area you can set a time zone. Navigate: WP-Admin> Settings> General Settings> Set Time zone

And while setting the display condition you have the option to set your desired timezone either Local or Server time zone.

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