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How To Activate License Key

Without the license key, you cannot use any of the Happy Elementor Addons Pro features. So you must acquire the license key to activate all the features of Happy Elementor Addons Pro.

If you create an account on Happy Addons, then the license key will be emailed with the plugin Zip file. If you purchase without creating the account, then your account will be automatically created and your password will be emailed to you.

You can all the necessary elements, license key, and downloadable file in your happy addons account dashboard.

For creating an account go to Happy Addons, and log in.

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Then, you can find your downloads and license key in your dashboard.

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Now, click on Activate.

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Now, Type your license key and click on Active.

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And you are done. Enjoy all the features of Happy Elementor Addons Pro.

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