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Happy Particle Feature

Want to add some visually soothing particle effects on the background of your website? Well, you can easily do that using the Happy Particle feature of Happy Elementor Addons Pro.

Using Happy Particle Feature

Step 1:

Click on the section option of the Elementor editing page.

edit section

Step 2:

Now, go to the Style section. There you will find the Happy Particle Feature option. Enable it.

happy particle feature

Now, you can choose different styles from Nasa, Polygon, Snow or Custom. Select the particle color, opacity, flow direction.

options particle

Step 3:

In the Advanced Settings, you choose the number of particle, particle size, move speed. You can even enable Hover Effect.

advanced settings

Design Custom Particle

You can design your own custom particles. All you need to do is select the Custom option from the Style section.


Now, visit the link to create custom particles.

custom partcles

Download the json file and copy the code. Now, paste the code on the marked area.

copy the code

And voila! You are done.


That’s it!


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