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Pricing Table

How to Use A Pricing Table Widget of Happy Elementor Addons Pro

With Happy Elementor Addons Pro, you will get some extra features to design your website. With the premium version, you will get-

  • All the features of the free widget
  • Tooltip
  • Description
  • Strikethrough the price

Check out what you will get extra with the premium Pricing Table Widget.

In the ‘Content‘ section you will have  ‘Preset’ and ‘Features & Description’  options.

ss1 4

With ‘Preset‘, you will get ready-made designs for your cards.

ss2 4

In ‘Features & Description‘, you can add the title of your card, add feature name, add a tooltip.

With Tooltip, you can add an extra explanation of the feature that will show at the time hovering.

ss3 4

In the ‘Style‘ section, you can edit the  ‘Feature & description‘ and ‘Feature Tooltip‘.

ss4 4

You can add a strikethrough the price in Pricing by setting the original price and price.

ss8 3

Below you can see the options to design your Description and Features.

ss5 4


Also, the options to design your Features Tooltip.

ss6 4

Lastly, see the final page and the Tooltip when hovering over the feature.

ss7 4

That’s it!

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